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Facebook Profile Optimization 101

Your Facebook profile is key to a successful social media strategy. It needs to be consistent and clear. Not many people realize that “just having a profile” is not enough. It starts with a solid profile, built for maximum results.

223 Million Users In The US

Why You Should Optimize Your Facebook Profile?

To boost the authority of your social profile

Fully developed and well linked social profiles can gain authority both from the point of view of search engines and users.

To improve your social engagement

With more authority and activity on your social profiles you will have more exposure to wider circles of users. This means that your social presence grows as you engage with an increasing number of people online.

To get more traffic and conversions

More authority and exposure can generate more traffic to your business’ website and, ideally, better conversion rates, with more users turning into more potential leads/new clients. In fact, if users are coming to your website because of the activity on/engagement with your social profiles, they are more likely to follow your call-to-action.

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Apex Wings Increase Revenue By 40% Using Facebook

“With the onset of the pandemic and shut downs in the spring, we asked Sprout to help us market our business through social media to try and build take out business and more brand awareness. We saw immediate results and we couldn’t be happier with the service of our rep, quality and scope of ads and , of course, the results.”
– Nick, Owner
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