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8 Top Tips for Creating a Highly Effective Logo

Simply put, the purpose of a logo is to identify. In order for a logo to be effective it needs to follow basic logo design principles and be practical, appropriate, distinctive, and convey its intended message.

Following are 8 helpful tips for you to consider when designing your business logo:

1. Make it Unique: You need your logo design to stand out and be immediately recognized by your target audience. A very good way to achieve this is to avoid overused and generic icons and visuals. You do want your logo to convey the unique aspects of your business. However, it doesn’t necessarily need to literally illustrate the service or product that you provide. One highly effective way to help give your brand a unique appearance and add credibility to its design is to use professional, high quality typography and fonts.

2. Make it Memorable: In order for a logo to be truly memorable, its design needs to resonate with viewers the first time they glance at it. If you can achieve brand recognition with your target audience, it can help people become familiar with your company and enhance your brand’s credibility and trust in the marketplace. If you employ excellent marketing in conjunction with great design, it will help audiences associate your brand with your business and build your brand into a serious competitor within your industry.

3. Make it Flexible: A good logo translates well over all types of media. Your logo design needs to look great not only on your website, but it also needs to leave a good impression with prospective clients who see your logo displayed on a business card, brochure or other marketing piece.

4. Make it Illustrative: It isn’t necessary for your logo design to display your services or products directly. However, it should illustrate something that relates to your company’s culture or values. If you can define and understand your target audience, it can really help you create an appropriate and effective logo for your business and brand that will resonate with your target audience and provide legitimacy for your business. Selecting an appropriate color that will help to conjure up the right emotions from your audience is an important component in creating a logo that is emotionally satisfying and captivating.

5. Make it Simple: Simplicity is at the heart of every effective logo design. The best logo designs are simple ones that work well with text and color, but are also easy for audiences to recognize without them. When you add extra text or effects to your website design, it can cheapen the design and distract your target audience. The text and font style should be appropriately sized as well.

6. Be Informative: In order for a company logo to be well-designed, it doesn’t necessarily need to specifically reflect what your business does. However, it should provide your audience with some added understanding about your business.

7. Make sure it works well in both Black & White and Color: While it is true that color is a very important component of great logo designs, color may not be available to viewers in all situations. If your logo doesn’t show well without color, it may not work for certain types of marketing and advertising opportuniites.

8. Make it Timeless: An excellent logo design for your business will last for many years into the future and retain its identity even if you need to modernize it at some point. With that in mind, use timeless typefaces instead of trendy ones. Also avoid logo designs that refer to a cultural trend that will most likely lose its effectiveness over time.

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