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Top Tips For Successful Social Media Branding

Nearly 75% of individuals in North America use social media networks and over half of those people follow at least one brand on social media platforms. Therefore, it should be clear why social media is a very important marketing tool for businesses. That said, due to the large number of businesses that now have a presence on social media networks, it can be difficult for brands to make themselves unique. Good design is key for achieving that goal.

Featured below are three tips that explain how to make the most out of the limited number of customization features offered by the most popular social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. However, many of the tips also apply to other popular social media platforms.

1) Make sure that there is a clear message.

The best profiles are simple and direct, and they clearly explain what a particular business sells. Use images that clearly identity the brand’s business. Keep the “about us” fields succinct, but do include all of the contact information that potential customers will need should they want to learn more the business.

2) Stay away from text in images as much as possible.

Profile images need to be as visual as possible and lots of text can have a negative impact on the visual appeal of a profile. What’s more, words in images can interfere with other text on the profile page.

3) Make sure that branding is consistent across all platforms.

In order to attract a wide audience, most businesses have a brand presence on various different social media platforms. In order to maintain universal online brand identity, it is important to keep the design of business profiles as consistent as possible access all platforms.

It is important to keep business social profiles as up-to-date as possible and routinely add new pictures and information about new ventures. That said, inconsistencies across social media platforms do not reflect well on a business, so ensure that profiles on all of the social networks are changed simultaneously whenever an update is called for.

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