Google Ads is a crucial element of digital marketing, catering to billions of users searching for new businesses, answers, and solutions daily. Unfortunately, trust in both brands and the platform itself has been constantly undermined by ad fraud, imposter scammers, and deceptive advertisers. In 2020, Google introduced verification as a requirement for advertisers’ accounts to address this issue. Despite this, a significant number of advertisers have yet to complete the verification process. 

In this blog post, we’ll highlight five compelling reasons to verify your Google Ads account early. We’ll also explore the exclusive features that come with verification, including the business name asset, verified badges, customized logo assets, and priority support.

Increased Trust and Credibility

Verifying your account allows Google to showcase genuine brands and filter out impostor scammers from the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). People tend to be skeptical of unfamiliar ads or deals that appear too good to be true. Even perfectly legitimate ads can lose credibility because of this. However, by verifying your ads with Google, you automatically display a disclosure whenever your ads are visible to users. This confirms your authenticity and location and enables users to explore your other ads, thus enhancing trust and engagement.

Highlight Your Brand with the Business Name Asset

Google introduced a unique “business name asset” feature available only to verified advertisers. This asset allows you to showcase your business name prominently above your ad, strengthening your brand presence and ensuring the authenticity of your advertisement. Google can conveniently extract this information from your website, or for added flexibility, advertisers can provide their business name assets at the campaign level within Google Ads. It’s important to note that these business name assets must match the domain name or legal name provided during the verification process and be prominently displayed on your ad’s landing page. With this innovative tool, you can make a lasting impression and effectively connect with your audience.

Exclusive Verified Badges on Your Ads

Google’s new verification feature comes with a new badge highlighting verified SERP accounts. This badge acts as a powerful tool for advertisers, allowing them to differentiate themselves from competitors in the market, and this way, they can boost ad performance and improve click-through rates.

With the verification badge, advertisers can free up their branded headlines, avoiding the need for repetitive phrases like “BRAND official site” in their ad headlines. This not only streamlines their messaging but also enhances user confidence in the authenticity and trustworthiness of their brand. By having this badge, you are differentiating and reassuring the user that your brand is authentic and trustworthy.

Customizable Logo Assets

For verified advertisers, there’s another exclusive feature to take advantage of: the business logo asset. With this feature, you can add your own customized logo icon to the left of your ads, just like a favicon. It serves as a unique identifier for users, making your PPC ad stand out and allowing them to recognize the brand they’re engaging with while browsing the web.

Creating a logo asset is easy. Once you’ve completed the advertiser verification process in your Google Ads account, you’ll find the business logo asset under “Ads & assets” as one of the menu options. Ensure your logo has a 1×1 aspect ratio, with a minimum resolution of 128×128 and a maximum resolution of 1200×1200. Additionally, it should be compatible with both light and dark modes to render correctly on the SERP.

Priority Support

Managing Google Ads policies can be challenging, even for diligent PPC account managers. It’s not uncommon for Google Ads to be disapproved or suspended, which can be devastating for advertisers, resulting in revenue loss and business downtime. To solve this problem, Google Customer Support introduced a prioritized support system exclusively for verified advertisers. This innovative system enables advertisers to resolve issues faster and get their ads online more quickly. Minimizing downtime and revenue loss ensures that businesses can operate smoothly and profitably.

Empower Your Ad Campaigns With Sprout Media Lab

Verifying your Google Ads account is a pivotal step in any digital marketing campaign. It promotes credibility and trust for your brand, setting you apart from competitors. The exclusive features that come with verification, such as the business name asset, verified badges, customizable logo assets, and priority support, offer highly valuable benefits for advertisers.

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