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About Working With Sprout Media Lab

When we say “the client comes first,” we mean it! We want you to feel like we’re an extension of your business taking care of your website and marketing related tasks while you take care of the day to day operation of your business. There’s a reason our clients stick with us, and when you jump on board with Sprout Media Lab, you’ll experience the difference. Check out what some our satisfied clients have to say…

Ashley Rice

I am such an advocate for sprout media and will continue to use Sprout because of the excellent customer service we receive. We have recently eliminated all of the other marketing companies that were hired throughout the years. There is not another company that compares to Sprout, in my eyes.

Collins Barwick

Sprout Media Lab has been instrumental to me as a close partner in the success of my new business over the last 2 years.

I started from scratch with limited personal IT knowledge. The Sprout team created a very user friendly website for me that has aided me greatly in obtaining new and repeat business. I have received many compliments over Sprout’s design of my site and the ease of navigation which it affords my clients.

If I have had any questions (there have not been many) Sprout team members and especially IT assistance have been immediately available and given me same day response, usually taking care of anything I need during my initial phone call. I crave working relationships that actually “work” in my business with no issues. Sprout Media Lab is one vendor that provides me with exactly what I need.

I strongly recommend Sprout as a business partner for any one or any entity in need of a dependable, professional group of people working with and for your success. Colins Barwick

Rocky Kroeger

Despite being a technology-driven business, Sprout Media Lab is all about the terrific people that work there, and their sincere care for their customers.

We were lucky enough to be referred to Sprout by one of our major suppliers, a >$50mm distributor in the midwest. From the on-boarding process, to design and set up of our website and webstore, to ongoing maintenance and on-the-fly changes, the staff at Sprout made every step seamless and elegant.

Christina Kincaid, our account manager, became a trusted advisor, consultant, and advocate for our business. From promptly tackling large new projects and initiatives for us to hand-holding when we required it, Christina displayed terrific professionalism and patience in educating us about the capabilities and options available to our start-up company. Having an account lead that becomes a virtual member of our company made all the difference in the world - service is everything!

While we needed our site to have the right look and functionality, the Sprout approach also addressed the hidden but incredibly important aspects of search optimization and efficiency. Having a reliable, conscientious partner as quarterback for our website, online store, and media content allowed us to focus on the core product development and manufacturing aspects of our business without ever worrying about our potential customers' ability to easily find our product on the crowded internet.

Thanks to the Sprout team, our business accelerated from start-up to seven-figure company! In a world where your best and most tireless salesman is your website, I can truly say it would not have happened without their sophisticated technological acumen and incredible service.

Dave Hamann

Working with Sprout Media Lab (SML) is a results driven business. Proof is in the pudding as they say.

My business is based on quality, not quantity. I own a small home remodeling company and get a call from other companies almost every day for marketing, SEO, advertising, etc. It's simply a nuisance. My time is more valuable to me and for my customers. I just rather not spend my time chasing cold leads.

SML has incorporated SEO into my website to drive potential customers and it worked so well that I could barely keep up with the estimates that were being requested. My phone rang more, inquiries from my website increased and my closing ratio had almost doubled. That was about two years ago and it's still producing results. This demonstrates that the customers being driven to my site were not only leads, but serious customers looking to do business. I was looking at less projects to close business. Therefore saving me time, and as every business owner knows, time is money.

I have also had some issues with my website not working properly and SML mitigated the situation promptly. Again, results is all we're ultimately looking for with any business transaction. There are too many companies, small business people and individuals that talk the talk, but I can tell you with my experience that Sprout Media Lab can walk the walk too. We need more quality like this in the world and less smoke and mirrors.

My website literally works FOR me and it's not just another website sitting out there in cyberspace anymore. I will continue my business relationship with SML as long as there are results. There's simply no reason not to. I highly recommend hanging up on any cold call marketing companies and at the very least, start small and give SML a try to see how they may be able to help your business and make life a little easier for you. Fair business, honest results. I know I sleep well when I know I'm taken care of. Good luck out there folks!

Barbara D.

We are SO happy with our website!

From the beginning Sprout really listened to what we wanted and took time to learn about our business. We really liked that from the first call you work with a project manager not a marketing person. We clicked right away with Christina, our program manager, who is terrific to work with. You can describe what you want in “English” and Sprout translates it into technology. We gave them a Word document that was an outline of the functionality we wanted and that was it – and they transformed it into a stunning and functional website. The staff at Sprout really pay attention to detail. We wanted a site that was visually beautiful and compelling and they sure delivered.

We used to have to rely on a programmer to make any changes to our old site. We no longer need a programmer to do it because of the easy to use back end interface they gave us for updating the site. We can have an idea about something we want to put on our website and have it posted in minutes. We make daily updates to our website so having this flexibility is critical. They trained us and we were off and running. It is so much fun to work with this site.

One thing we didn’t realize is the extent to which Sprout would take care of all the details of switching over from the old to new site. We didn’t have to do a thing. They have been very responsive and we highly recommend them. We host through them now and will not hesitate to use them for future web design needs.

Elyse Archer
Six Figure Sales Coaching

Sprout redid my website and I was absolutely blown away with the results. Not only does it aesthetically look much better, but conversions instantly increased once they published my new site.

In addition to improved form and function, their customer service is top notch. I spent over eight years in digital advertising and website sales, and have seen the full spectrum when it comes to quality of work and customer service in this industry. I have yet to find a company that tops Sprout Media Lab in any category.

Great job and thank you, Sprout team!

Lynn Salazar

We had a website that was not viewable on mobile devices, created from an old template that technically worked once upon a time, but didn’t keep up with the ever-changing technology. We needed a new & improved site that could be rebuilt in a reasonable time frame. As an extremely small company, we simply did not have the expertise in house.

Sprout Media Lab had a new & enormously improved, mobile-friendly website up and running in a short amount of time. The process was easy, they listened & really tried to understand our business, and we had a great-looking, functional website in a fraction of the time it would have taken us to do it in house. We continue to get lots of compliments on our new site. Pricing was very fair, and any questions we have with the maintenance of the website are answered quickly. A great company to work with!

Gary Kinderdine

Sprout Media Lab has been instrumental to my business success.

They created my logo, built my website and made sure I show up great in the search engines. I started my business with one cooler. I’ve now got 10 coolers, 2 freezers and 3 beer coolers! I haven’t done any other advertising for my business. I’m so happy with the results and customer service! Thanks Sprout Media Lab!

Sam Fairhurst

I cannot say enough good things about Sprout Media Lab, they took my company from the depths of google, and put them on the first page.

Not only did they get us on the first page, but they made us appear first in a number of different keyword searches, and they made all of this happen within a matter of weeks. Aside from their great work in getting my business recognised on google, their customer service is fantastic. All of their staff have in depth knowledge about what my business does, and who are competitors are, so no matter who answers the phone when I call, they are always able to help.

They literally tick all the boxes, and I would highly recommend Sprout Media Lab to everyone!

Judith Bergman
Triangle Speech Services

Sprout Media’s Team has provided exemplary service in maintaining my web site. He and his team have been very responsive to my requests and continue to offer positive support and suggestions.

Carol D.

As a start-up business, we chose Sprout Media Lab for our website development, branding, and internet marketing company because of their impressive portfolio and outstanding referrals. The team of professionals are solution-driven, creative, and efficient. If you want your company to be noticed and effective on internet searches and produce immediate leads, Sprout Media Lab should be your choice too!

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