Hiring a digital marketing agency comes with many benefits, but it is a big step. If your team has handled all marketing efforts in-house, you may have concerns about spending money on a third party or trusting your company’s message to another company. Although there are things to think about when hiring a digital marketing agency, the advantages outweigh the risks. Here are seven signs it is time to hire a digital marketing agency.

1. Your Company Is Lacking Quality Leads 

Even the most talented sales teams may struggle to produce quality leads if your company does not have an efficient marketing strategy. An effective marketing strategy is targeted toward a specific audience and delivered at the proper time in an appropriate manner. A digital marketing agency can work with your team to develop the best strategies to generate new leads. Working with a marketing agency can free up your in-house staff and let your sales team better utilize their skills.

2. Your Team Isn’t Experienced in Marketing 

Many small companies leave marketing efforts to administrative assistants or other team members. Creating an effective marketing strategy is not easy and requires expertise and experience. Digital agencies are highly trained in marketing trends and techniques, allowing your staff members to focus on assigned tasks.

3. You Don’t Plan Your Marketing Strategy in Advance 

Successful marketing strategies must be planned months in advance. Experts recommend that medium-sized businesses plan strategies three months in advance and large companies plan strategies six months in advance. Planning one month ahead will not help your business grow. Planning a few weeks ahead will not give you enough time to plan successful content. A digital marketing agency will prepare an effective strategy for your company three, six, or 12 months in advance.

4. You Handle Marketing Efforts Yourself  

Juggling social media, email blasts, and website updates are too much for any business owner to handle solo. Not only is running your company’s marketing efforts by yourself exhausting, but it may also hurt your business. Even if you are knowledgeable about your products and services, are you skilled in marketing? A digital marketing agency has the staff and the expertise to handle your company’s marketing efforts. They can promote your business so you can focus on more critical tasks.

5. Your Website Is Outdated 

An updated, well-designed website plays a crucial role in attracting new customers. However, did you know that an outdated website can detract potential clients? Outdated websites are often unresponsive, slow, and lack modern visual appeal. Updating your company website without the help of an outside marketing agency can quickly become overwhelming. A marketing agency can ensure your website is consistently updated and maintained to fit desktop screens, smartphones, and tablets. A marketing agency can also help integrate an SEO strategy into your website to help it rank higher with Google’s algorithms.

6. You Don’t Track Key Metrics  

Tracking the metrics of your website is an important marketing tool to understand your customers and their preferences better. Companies that do not use metrics to drive marketing decisions are missing out on valuable data. Analyzing the metrics associated with your social media accounts can also help you gain critical information on your customers. If you are not tracking how leads come to you and what customers purchase, you are missing a significant sales opportunity. A marketing agency utilizes the latest analytics platforms. They can track relevant data, analyze the results, and help you implement the information into marketing decisions.

7. You Need New Ideas 

An effective marketing strategy needs fresh content and new ideas to stay relevant. Customers want timely, relevant content, or they will begin to lose interest. Coming up with new marketing ideas consistently is not a reality for many in-house marketing teams. Digital marketing agencies use the latest technologies and theories to plan digital marketing strategies. A marketing agency can develop fresh ideas to help your content stay relevant.

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