In today’s growing digital marketplace, businesses need to be engaged with customers through social media. While it’s vital to understand how to leverage these media tools to your greatest advantage, it’s equally important to recognize the things your business should avoid doing on these platforms. Here are seven mistakes to avoid when posting online.

1. Using Too Many Platforms

It’s tempting to get exposure through every social media source available, but posting to numerous sites wastes valuable time and resources. Get savvy on a few sites that bring you the best returns for your efforts.

2. Repeating Content

Companies fall into the trap of posting the same information across all platforms thinking this is an efficient solution for regular updates. Customized posts are imperative to keep followers interested in your sites, and there are products to make this process easy and effective.

3. Failing To Post Videos

Some companies fail to embrace the video marketing trend that is sweeping social media, and this is a costly decision. The rocketing potential of video marketing shows no signs of slowing, and companies that want a good return on investment should consider this valuable resource.

4. Missing the Benefits of User-Generated Content

Businesses that don’t curate content from other sites miss out on growing their customer bases. Sharing user-generated content is a great source of material for current and potential customers who seek consistently fresh and relevant posts.

5. Targeting Without a Strategy

Posting without a well-conceived plan keeps a business from reaching its desired audience. Targeting strategies, such as localized posts for followers in various regions, raise your brand’s authenticity and gives your posts relevancy when filtered by algorithms.

6. Boosting the Wrong Posts

Boosted posts often fail to reach their target audience, because companies choose to elevate the wrong ones. Use insights and analytics on your social media platforms to find the engagement rate and boost the most popular posts.  

7. Posting for Quantity Over Quality

In the world of social media, companies are learning that having a number of posts is not better than focusing on quality. Limiting the number of posts pushes you to develop quality content that resonates with people and makes your brand stand out.

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