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Free Google Checkup

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Free Google Checkup

A Free Google Checkup Will Help

On August 1st 2018 Google confirmed a broad core algorithm update called the “Medic Update”.  If you’re concerned about how this latest update affected your websites ranking and performance, run a free report here. The free Google checkup will give you an easy to read report highlighting technical areas on your website that need improvement.

What’s in the report?

  • Website Speed Analysis
  • Identify Technical Issues That Are Holding You Back
  • Mobile Friendly Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Site Security – Do You Have An SSL Certificate?
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Page & Root Domain Link Analysis

What’s Your Score?

The Google “Medic Update” rolled out over the period of about a week, but peaked on August 1-2. The updated seemed to disproportionately affect sites in the health and wellness vertical, although large scale impact was seen in all verticals. Mobile friendliness, site speed and security are important factors Google uses to determine if your website deserves to rank high in their search results.

Site Speed Analysis

Slow loading websites cause users leave your website and look for a better option that loads quickly. Google uses site load speed in their algorithm to rank your website. Does your website load fast enough for your users?

Mobile Analysis

Google is focusing on a mobile first approach to designing web experiences. Does your website look great on mobile devices or do you find that images are covering text and navigational selections on tables and mobile devices?

Securing Your Site

We all want more protection from hackers. Google takes into consideration if your site is secure when serving up search results. Is your site encrypted with an SSL certificate? Are you protecting your users?

Questions About Your Google Checkup?

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The Impact Of A Results Driven Campaign

“We hired Kenny and his team back in 2010 to help us grow our business and our brand. We had just opened the doors to our business (Holistic Vitality Center) and had big dreams and high hopes for our success. Knowing that the Internet was key to our success… we bit the bullet and invested in an SEO campaign with Sprout. 7+ years later, I’m happy to say that the leap of faith we took with Sprout Media Lab has paid off in spades. We have multiple keywords in the top spots on Google, quadrupled our website traffic and expanded our practice twice! Yes, these guys know what they’re doing and we would highly recommend Sprout Media Lab!!!”

Sumeet Nathani

Holistic Vitality Center