We live in a world where information about products and services is vast and plentiful. In fact, we refer to trusted sources every day for guidance when learning about new products and making purchasing decisions. But these days, it’s common for companies to hype a new product or service and show it off in an overly promotional way without first taking the consumer “buying brain” into account.

Your customers may love to buy, but they definitely don’t want to be sold. Consumers have quickly learned to avoid commercials, online ads and pushy promotional campaigns while ignoring the excitement because they’ve experienced false promises and disappointing results over and over again.

We’ve reached a point where we won’t buy anything for personal use or business without first consulting a Facebook group, a Google search and a YouTube review. This is why the Internet is the most powerful marketing tool of 2018.

As a result, marketers need to tune in to customer feedback, pay attention to industry trends and overall practice more subtle advertising tactics That’s when subconscious digital marketing comes in handy.

What is Subconscious Digital Marketing?

Subconscious digital marketing refers to the subtle ways that we steer customers towards the end goal: the sale. It’s much like how supermarkets strategically place certain items in various locations around the store, like gum and snacks near the checkout so that you’re more likely to just add one more product to your basket.

Subconscious selling uses strategic marketing elements to influence customers and move them through the customer value journey including the following:

These powerful components are used in many successful digital marketing campaigns and they all fall under one umbrella term; social proof.

Utilizing Social Proof

Your customers are all connected to the Internet in some shape or form, and that’s why it’s important to use social proof to sell your products. This isn’t an optional form of marketing in the modern age–it’s mandatory if you want to stand out and run a successful company.

Social proof is essentially showing that your product is worthy in the eyes of your consumers. It’s about making it accepted in society and communities, and giving it a good reputation to ensure that you appear trustworthy.

To do this, there are a couple of strategies you can employ:

  • Use case studies to show how your product or service has helped other clients
  • Share customer testimonials and reviews to your advantage
  • Explain what your product can do for your customer, not just the specs and technical information
  • Utilize videos and pictures of happy customers using your product in addition to your copy
  • Utilize social media to share what customers are saying about your product and listen to feedback from people on the Internet

In general, social proof and subconscious digital marketing are all about letting people know you have a legitimate product that can make their lives better or make them happier in the long run and you have the content to prove it!

How you utilize it will depend on your business model and what you offer, but the goal is to simply market your company’s trustworthy reputation.

Ready to Prove It?

Digital marketing is an absolutely crucial part of a modern, comprehensive sales funnel and tapping into the power of social proof and subconscious selling will definitely take your brand up a notch. For more information on how the Digital Marketing team at Sprout Media Lab can help your business grow, contact us or call (800) 617-6975 for a free consultation with one of our experts!