Google recently dropped some big news regarding a new offering for your Google My Business profile, and it’s the new Google Guaranteed Badge. So, if your Google My Business (GMB) profile could use something to stand out – this could be it.

Not too savvy when it comes to your GMB profile? No worries. We’ll take you through the features of this new badge opportunity, and not only that, assist you in optimizing your Google My Business profile.

Our digital marketing experts put together the following to help you understand this certification and determine whether it’s the right course for your online advertising strategy. Here we go!

How It Works

The goal of this badge is to create more prominence and confidence behind your brand and increase engagement. What it takes to qualify, is to follow Google’s eligibility rules , sign on and pay a $50 monthly fee for this service. Not only does it display the logo “Google Guaranteed” on your GMB profile, it gives your customers the option of a refund of up to $2,000 for a service.

Simply put, the Google Guaranteed badge gives first-time customers peace of mind about trying out your services; increasing your opportunity for new sales leads. Sure, filling out your GMB profile can give them some insight into your company, services and show satisfied customers, but a Google Guarantee is an added assurance that you can deliver what you promise.

The idea is to improve your click through rate (CTR). Because this is so new, there isn’t any public data available to determine the success of this program, but this experiment could prove particularly effective for newer businesses competing in localized or global industries.

Other Tips for Managing Your GMB Profile

A certified GMB profile, combined with Google Ads, is a powerful way to boost awareness of your brand. Kickoff your startup, grow your small business or expand into a new market with these strategies. Google Ads and GMB are a popular combination to broaden your audience and increase trust in your company.

At Sprout Media Lab, we keep up with the latest in SEO strategies to help you manage your online marketing strategy. We can assist you with incorporating current GMB best practices in ways that are personalized to your company and your audience. Here are just a few other tips you can combine with a Google Guaranteed certification to compete in your industry:

  •  Display reduced or modified hours of operation
  •  Update delivery or service options
  •  Stay current with GMB best practices

Update Your GMB Profile

Let our team assist you with your GMB profile. From basic information updates to the latest in certifications and optimized content, contact us for a personalized plan!

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