Using Your Website for Lead Generation

A website is like your business card. Just as a business card sitting in your pocket does not help your business in any way, a website not leveraged appropriately does not justify the investment. You need to ensure that your website also doubles as a lead generation platform and gets you more customers.


It is important to run audits on the website at least a couple of times every year and check whether it is able to draw more website lead generation. In case its performance is less than satisfactory, you need to get some changes done to ensure that it efficiently and consistently generates leads.

Content management

The two main aspects that determine the success of a lead generation campaign are content and the placement of content. You need to identify the best content on the website and place them on suitable landing pages. This helps you garner the attention of visitors while also increasing the duration of their stay on the website.

For example, if videos are getting more views and conversion rates, leverage them by using more videos and placing them prominently. Good content reduces customer bounce rate. Include well-placed call to action lines and buttons all through the website. The lines need to be crisp and engaging.


A simple form to collect customer information is crucial. A short form is more effective than a long one. Add a small note expressing your gratitude to the visitors for visiting your website.

Most importantly, the visual appeal of your website needs to be engaging because first impressions matter. A professional looking website with easy navigation features and user-friendly features goes a long way in generating effective leads for your business.