Now that so many people are getting information and comparing services online, if your law firm is not actively marketing in the digital world, your competitive edge could be dulling fast.

Your website is the world’s window to your expertise and having a viable strategy to make sure your online presence is visible and substantive is crucial – especially when it comes to outranking other local law firms.

Not sure how to make sure you’re superseding your competitors online? Don’t worry. Our team has put together five simple tactics that you can engage in 2020.

1. Build a Solid Content Library

The legal world leaves room for so many questions from potential clients.

Create valuable content. Utilize both blog posts and internal pages to answer common questions, provide more detail about the law and offer practical advice to people looking for representation in your field.

Becoming a go-to source for legal answers and information helps build your firm’s reputation for knowledge and capability; both online and off. 

2. Strive for Website Optimization

Think accessibility, speed and mobility.

Serve everyone. Do the legwork to keep your website ADA-compliant and functional to those with disabilities. It’s also better to ditch the glitz in favor of faster loading times.

Finally, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re going to miss out on those who do most of their browsing on their smartphones.

3. Market With Reputable Backlinks

High-quality backlinks are like the web crawler’s version of word-of-mouth advertising. When another reputable website includes a hyperlink back to your firm’s site, it’s a vote for the quality of your content and pushes you a step further up the SERPs.

A good place to start is to create and send press releases to news websites, offering your take on local current events. This not only sends journalists great (and easy) reputable source material, it will also give your website an excellent chance of being referenced.

4. Loosen Your Tie and Take to Social Media

Let’s face it — lawyers can be really scary to the average person who’s never needed one before. Don’t worry, there are a lot of ingenious ways to use social media to generate leads without compromising your professional image.

Share snippets of what you’re passionate about and why you became a lawyer on your firm’s Facebook or Twitter page. Showing your relaxed side to this vast pool of prospective clients helps them find you more approachable.

5. Seek Out Online Reviews

People who need legal help want an attorney they can trust, and most trust other consumers to tell them what they need to know.

Be diligent in your campaign to gather great reviews from clients, and build your strategy around making it as easy as possible for people to leave one.

Expert Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Law Firm 

Much of a modern Law Firm’s foot traffic is web-based and a digital marketing strategy is essential for driving clients into your office.

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