Most likely the brands you love and are loyal to are successful. After all, they reeled you in as a customer… right? 

When it comes to rising entrepreneurs and small business owners, the notion of creating a brand could seem overwhelming. After all, branding is what will connect you directly to your customers, both current and potential. And without customers…well, your brand won’t exist.

A solid brand is truly created from different elements – they are built up from the services you provide, your relationships with customers, the content of your website, social media and so much more. With all of these elements, it may even come as a surprise that a strong brand doesn’t mean you have to have a big budget. In fact there are many ways you can build your brand on a low-to-no budget.

Not quite sure where to start? Don’t stress – we’re here to help. Our team has put together our top 3 tips when it comes to branding your small business.

1. Find What Makes You Unique

It can’t be overstated just how much standing out means to a business.

So, what makes you stand out? Depending on the industry, it doesn’t have to come down to the products themselves. It could be your background, your ideals, your aesthetics, who you reach out to, how you provide your service, etc.

Once you define this uniqueness, channel it. Create something that isn’t seen as interchangeable with another company or its products.

2. Be Recognizable

To come across as unique, one important element is a name and logo that stands out – keeping in mind that it reflects what your business is about and will stick in people’s minds.

Your business’ name and logo are its identifiers afterall, the symbols that people come to associate with your business and its services. Similarly, you need to develop a “voice” to your brand—not just what you communicate, but how you do so through your marketing, on social media, to customers, etc.

The aim is to create an impression that is both memorable and capable of conveying what you’re about. Let your target get to know you.

Tip: Keep it simple; not complicated – you are after all, a solution – not a problem. 

3. Do What You Do Well

If customers are pleased with your products or services—if they find value in them—they’ll tell others about your business. What “value” means varies from one customer or business to the next, so it’s vital to establish what it is that your target customers value.

And it’s not always about the lowest prices. Product quality, customer service, aesthetic elements, unique features or anything that a customer believes is worth paying for, can all be considered valuable.

Tip: Whatever you define as value to your customers, always make sure your business and your product/service is reliable. The promise to your customers that you can continue to provide what they seek will always be a major element of importance in your success. 

4. Stand For Something

A strong brand conveys a company stance, something that serves as a mission statement. Your brand’s values should be clear, well-defined, actionable and resonant.

Are you invested in sustainability? Do you believe that accessibility and usability are paramount? Do you aim to give back to your community? Are customer relations the biggest factor for your decisions? 

Whatever you decide to stand for, stay consistent with it; a strong stance is an anchor around which you build a community of loyal, happy customers.

Branding & More 

Yes – branding is key to making your business visible, memorable and clear in values and purpose, but it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have a strong marketing strategy in place.

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