At the base of marketing and sales are communication and human interaction. So, it should come as no surprise that psychology plays a vital role in reaching out to prospects and convincing them to try your products/services.

Think about it – understanding how people think and what they desire can turn into an advantage that you can play to step up your game and boost your conversion rate.

Here are five psychology hacks you can use to turn your landing pages into a lead generating machine.

1. Make Your Audience Curious


One of the best ways to make prospects take action is to trigger their curiosity. People are more likely to subscribe to your email list or download your eBook when they feel there’s a gap in their knowledge about a certain topic.

Write a bold headline or quote shocking facts and statistics to get your prospects curious and eager to learn more.

2. Offer Them a Reason to Take Action

Automaticity refers to our tendency to react to certain external stimuli without thinking too much about the process. All of us have habits that have been rehearsed over time that we don’t think about the moment we’re doing them, such as brushing our teeth in the morning.

But, how can you use automatic responses to your advantage? Try this simple trick: give prospects a reason to why they should choose your products over your competitors. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate argument since the mere fact that you’re offering an answer to this question will be good enough to convince them.

3. Make Them Excited about Your Offer

People are wired to get excited and interested whenever they are promised new information, whether we’re talking about a new product or access to exclusive information. Familiarity tends to get boring at some point, so keeping things fresh will always garner a positive response from your audience.

No matter how small, always make sure to release new features, improvements, changes, and products or spruce up your website. It will keep your customers excited and interested in finding out more.

4. Team Up With Professionals

According to psychological studies, people are more likely to obey authority as long as it’s legitimate enough to inflict confidence and professionalism. If they feel that a particular leader or expert is trustworthy, they will comply and let their opinions and actions influence them.

Associate yourself with highly respected professionals and ask for their help – they are a major factor in convincing your prospective customers through testimonials, quotes or any other resources they’re willing to offer.

5. Keep It Simple

The harder to understand your product or your web page is, the more likely people are to bounce. Keep everything on your landing page as simple and intuitive as possible. It will be easier for visitors to process the information, understand it and make a faster decision.

Try these psychology hacks, and you’ll see results! After all, we’re all human, and we all work the same way, so if you think it would work on you, it will on others, too!

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