While it may seem like digital marketing trends come and go, this is far from the truth. By analyzing your audience and digging into your analytics as well as current marketing trends, you will be well on your way to creating successful social media marketing campaigns for 2021.

  1. Humanize Your Engagement & Be Transparent in Your Campaigns

Smart businesses will understand that being transparent, authentic, and even vulnerable is smart marketing in 2021.

This year has brought us, among other things, a new awareness of global public health and the profound ways in which digital technology can enhance our lives. Let your potential customers know that you are experiencing the same things they are.

  1. SEO Drives Organic Instagram Visibility

In November 2020, it was officially announced that Instagram would become more search-friendly. Now, without the use of hashtags, if you search for a keyword in the search bar, relevant videos, profiles, and posts should populate.

This will be game-changing for marketers as we should expect increased opportunities for more reach on posts. Our recommendation to take early advantage of this update is to make sure your captions include relevant keywords that will help Instagram identify what’s being shown or talked about in your post.

  1. Differentiate Your Business Using Your Unique Personality via YouTube 

Online business is exploding and YouTube is no exception. Many channels—even newer channels—are seeing exponential growth right now.

In the midst of this growth, differentiation will be key to standing out and reaching your ideal customer. As YouTube becomes more saturated with topical niches it’s also becoming more personality-centric. This means your most valuable differentiator is your unique personality—the way you speak, the way you explain concepts, etc.

  1. Use Reels for More Instagram Exposure

Though there are plenty of fun and fancy features rolling out for marketing on Instagram, the trend is clearly moving towards video—especially short-form video.

The time to embrace short-form video marketing is now. Instagram Reels can be 15 or 30 seconds long and I like to think of them as stories on steroids. Reels don’t have to be intimidating. They can be as easy as talking to your camera, just like stories. What makes reels so engaging is the fact that you can add music and text to keep things interesting.

  1. Positive Posts & Ads Will Attract More Eyeballs in 2021

Positive ads are important right now due to the gravity of certain events that took place in 2020. Consider boosting your customers’ spirits with positivity and a lighter feeling throughout your ads.

  1. The “New Normal” Still Includes Lots of Online Shopping via Facebook & Instagram

While eCommerce has been a popular monetization method for many brands over the last few years, it typically isn’t utilized by brick-and-mortar stores. Due to COVID in 2020, many traditional brick and mortar businesses have had to figure out how to keep their doors open by selling more products and services online via Facebook & Instagram.

This trend will continue into 2021, which makes it even more important that the online version of your product or service is delivered at its highest quality and standard.

All brands and businesses should consider the following to keep the online money flowing :

  • Set up retargeting ads. A majority of your traffic won’t purchase on their first visit to your site. Implementing a retargeting strategy will ensure you capture them later and increase your overall revenue.
  • Focus on user experience. If your website is slow, not optimized for mobile, has a clunky checkout process, or lacks shipping and return policies, now is the time to fix it. Any inconvenience can significantly reduce your conversion rate.
  1. Conversational Marketing Will Help Drive Sales

As social media continues to progress and evolve, what users are looking for on platforms has changed. We’ve seen it on Instagram. Engagement is much lower and that is because it’s become oversaturated. Users are looking to have conversations, not just to “like” an image.

In 2021 brands are going to have to continue to really make an effort to connect through real conversations with their followers.

  1. Utilize Influencers and Other Personalities

The “Influencer” industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. The introduction of new social media platforms like TikTok and Snapchat has allowed businesses to target customers in a new manner.

The trick appears to be working. Influencer marketing offers excellent numbers – a lot higher than traditional marketing methods.

As we turn to the use of Zoom, FaceTime, and other video chat platforms for everything from workplace meetings to school to normal social engagements, the faces and personalities that dominate this space are a major source of social media currency. Create relationships with influencers who can help you promote your products.

You’ll be on the right track when you utilize the above eight principles for 2021.  Contact Sprout Media Lab today to discuss revamping your social media campaigns, generating leads, and marketing to get your business ready for all the good things coming your way in the new year!