Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean your Digital Marketing gets a vacation! Check out our tips to keep your online marketing fresh during the summer months.

1. Overall Website Content: Review to make sure it’s current and fresh.  2013 is the year of making “content king” in terms of Internet Marketing priorities!

2. 2013 Data: Do you have any timestamped information that needs updating for 2013 including product/service pricing, brochures, affiliate logos, copyright dates, etc?

3. Reviews/Testimonials: If you’ve received any recently, you should post them on your website.  Also, if you have any reviews posted through directories, be sure to respond to them positively, while trying to resolve any negative reviews appropriately through.  Keep customer service in mind.  Click to check out some of our latest reviews & portfolio.

4. Contact Information: Be sure to update your website and directory listings with any new contact info such as address, phone numbers and website domains.

5. Images: Post new quality images of your professional services, branded work vehicles, completed projects for your website galleries/portfolios, office space and/or staff, etc.

6. Special Offers: Feature upcoming events, special offers and/or promotions. Post info on any active social media channels you use as well.

7. Negative Reviews: Check high traffic directory listings for any negative reviews and try to resolve. Here is Google’s guidance on how to best respond to reviews!

8. News: Have any newsworthy events take place in the recent past, present or future? Do a press release. Just make sure it’s newsworthy!  Nowadays, all content is highly suggested to be noteworthy and relevant to the reader.  Not sure where to start?  Use a company that specializes in Press Release services. They are affordable and will guide you on the particulars of how to properly format and make your news stand out.  Just use the keywords such as “press release services” and the top companies will be listed on the first page.

As always, Sprout Media Lab is here to help with any additional questions you have regarding your online presence. Give us a call at (800) 617-6975 for any questions or a free website consultation.