Businesses need an edge when navigating social media strategies for the online marketplace. Each year, the types of approaches that work continue to evolve. Here is a list of nine social media trends to watch and prepare for in 2022.

1. Posting Strategies

Businesses should look to the 5:3:2 rule for online posts. Out of every 10 posts, use five pieces of content from other sources, make three posts brand-related and create two personal posts. Identify which types of content work best on various platforms.  

2. Social Sales

Social media selling remains an essential market area for next year. Companies that want to improve lead development and sales opportunities should consider social media management software that helps you devise workflows and track outcomes.

3. Mobile-Content Optimization

Smartphones are fast becoming a primary business tool, so companies need to optimize their social media content for mobile use. Post short, quality multimedia (photos and videos) content with brief captions to draw in users and keep them interested.

4. Ephemeral Content

Instagram Stories and Facebook My Days are examples of ephemeral content that offer your followers time-limited content. Use this as a perk to keep people coming back to your sites for timely and relevant information. These short bursts of content pique interest without overwhelming your audience with a flood of posts.

5. Live Streams

Live streaming content is a popular and easy way to attract viewers. It is a great way to build brand authenticity because users get an unfiltered glimpse of your ideas and passion in real-time, and you foster community.

6. Personal Messages

Knowing your social media audience and learning about their desires is essential to growing a customer base online. Messaging apps will take on a prominent role as companies seek to improve interactions with individuals through targeted campaigns.

7. Influencer Power

Influencers remain a powerful force on social media, and people react as positively to messaging from online content creators as they do celebrities. Businesses that want to expand their influencer status will continue to leverage social media to build relationships with followers.

8. User-Generated Content

User-generated content has changed the way online marketing works. People trust UGC over traditional forms of advertising, so companies can learn how to leverage this to their advantage in online marketing.  

9. Ad Usage

Social media platforms are prioritizing posts from families and friends on their sites, so businesses need to be savvy about reaching customers. Placing social ads is essential if you want to get your brand seen.  

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