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Email Newsletter Design

Design an Email Newsletter that Rocks

An email newsletter is an email from a business that communicates announcements about products, services, industry, or general company information. It includes a mix of content, like event reminders, surveys, educational information about your product, service, or industry, and promotions and other offers.

Advantage of Newsletters:

1) Spread brand awareness. By building habitual communication with your email subscribers, you enable them to recognize your brand and associate it with a positive sentiment.

2) Leverage existing content. Many companies do quick summaries of their most popular blog posts and link to the articles from their newsletter.

3) Include different types of content. For instance, the same newsletter can contain a popular blog post, a new offer, an announcement of an upcoming event, information about a
discount, and a link to a survey.

By reimagining the newsletter and breathing new life into your email strategy, you’ll be able to capture more people who are purchasing from marketing emails every day.

Reasons You Might Need to Design a Newsletter:

1) Your boss is making you send one out
2) You’ve an internal newsletter that needs to be spruced up
3) You’ve read about how important it is to have a newsletter
4) You’ve had success with your newsletters but it’s time to freshen it up
5) Your customers are screaming for a newsletter to stay up on your company goings- on

We can help you create a beautiful, effective email newsletter that your prospects, leads, or customers will actually want to read.


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