There’s a new Google core algorithm update that you need to know about because this one could have massive consequences for small businesses and enterprises. Google is referring to this as a global, core update. However, there is debate about whether or not this is actually the case.

This update seems to press hard on medical, fitness and YMYL (Your Money Your Life) websites. However, travel, gaming, and entertainment seem to have been affected as well. When asked directly about the update, Danny Sullivan of Google stated that it will affect all searches, which means, no matter what your business niche is, it could be affecting you.

If you haven’t heard of it, you might know it as the Google Medic Update due to its focus on this area of the web. Google, however, refuse to confirm this as the official focus.

Is This A New Development?

Not according to Google. They claim that this update is nothing to worry about and that it’s one of the routine updates that they introduce several times a year. Also confirming that this is a global update, the search engine giant has said that this will impact every region and language. The update is complete now, and there will be no further developments.

What’s New?

There are a few details that are different this time around. The first is that Google is refusing to say how many search engine results have been impacted.

Another part of this update to take note of is that Google claims it’s global, yet it does seem to be affecting specific industry sites including those in the health niche and YMYL (Your Money Your Life) websites.

Google has suggested that there is ‘no fix’ for this update. Their official stance is that if you have noticed a change in your rankings after the update, there is nothing specific that you can do.

Am I Running A YMYL Site?

YMYL websites are based on money and life events, potentially soliciting personal information. They could also be used for financial transactions, offer medical advice, guidance on major life decisions or advice on issues that could impact your future. Various companies including SEMRush And RankRanger have confirmed that these are the sites that have been most affected.

Is It All Bad News?

No, some sites have been positively impacted, rising in site rankings. Examples include,, and There have been shifts in specific industries as well. For instance, the home goods industry changes to 83 percent match of the first result during a baseline period from 91 percent. While this sounds complex, it just shows that this update has had a significant impact as changes like this have not been noted with other updates.

So, There’s Nothing We Can Do?

Well… yes and no. Google didn’t offer specific advice on how to fix any issues that you might be experiencing after the update. However, they do recommend to continue improving your site, mainly by adding new, targeted, quality content along with a stellar user experience.

If your website fits into one of the categories that has been impacted the most, be sure to go above and beyond by only publishing expert level content that will bolster your company’s authority and trustworthiness.

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