Do you have open positions at your business and are still struggling to fill them? Your problem may be something you may not consider: your digital marketing strategy.

But wait, that doesn’t make sense. Companies use digital marketing to promote their brand to clients, not as an employee recruitment strategy. This is a common mistake that many brands commit. Since 89% of passive candidates evaluate your brand before they even apply, using digital marketing as a hiring tool is more integral than ever.

So, how can you use digital marketing to recruit skilled candidates? Here are a few methods you can try and how a marketing firm can help.

Organic Social Media Posts

Posting on various social media platforms can give your hiring campaign a boost. It’s easy to use social media and your efforts are cost-effective. You can also get creative with social media, designing images and creating videos to give your campaign a boost. Be sure to emphasize the employee experience and your company culture.

While some popular platforms include Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you’ll want to focus on the most popular platforms that your audience uses. This will not only attract a wider audience but you’ll attract candidates in your target market.

In addition to your personal posts, ask your staff to share your open roles on their social media platforms. This not only extends your campaign further but you’ll attract candidates that your current staff knows and trusts.

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Are your organic posts not working? You may want to invest some ad dollars into your hiring campaign. While you can advertise on job boards, you’ll be surprised by how effective social media advertising can be to your recruitment strategy. The reason why is simple: you want to attract younger and energetic professionals, and they’re all on social media.

There are different types of ads you can use on social media. While paid posts are always popular, Gen Z-ers value video content  — so much so to where 7 out of 10 Gen Z-ers say video helps them feel more connected to the content. That’s why investing in video ads is more effective.

Landing Page Campaign

Regardless of whether you draw in candidates with organic posts or advertising, you’ll need a place for them to apply. Don’t settle for online job boards. Instead, direct them to your website.

Businesses find creating a specific recruiting landing page to be the most effective. This is not only an easy way for candidates to see your branding but your content options are limitless. You can provide perfect candidate descriptions and offer company information. Share images and videos to make this message clearer to younger candidates.

There is so much room for creativity with landing page recruitment. For example, you can offer a quiz to see if a candidate pre-qualifies for the application.

Use Digital Marketing for Recruitment

If you plan on attracting candidates with digital marketing, you should find the best firm for your campaign. Our services include social media marketing, PPC, web design, and more. Call our Digital Marketing Specialists at (800) 617-6975, use our live chat option or send us a free consultation request online.