Once again,  Google continues to revolutionize the way people search the web.  This time, they have rolled out a new tool for job seekers and employers alike.  As of late June, Google has made it simple for Americans to find jobs near them.  With more than 50% of Google searches being done on mobile, searchers can use keywords like “jobs near me” to geolocate companies with open job queries closeby.  Other features of Google Jobs are:

  • Category
  • Date Posted
  • Job Title
  • Company Type
  • Employer
  • Two-Click Application Process

So, what does this mean for the future of job hunting?  This bridges the gap between job seekers and employers by making it easier to find job opportunities.  Google states that 46% of U.S. employers face talent shortages and find it difficult to find the right candidates to fill open positions. Google Jobs sounds like a win-win for both parties, especially with more filters and information being added to the tool in the future.

For Employers

For employers, less resources will be expended on talent requisition such as posts to job boards or other paid third-party sites. Companies will still be able to post to these sites, but Google has streamlined the process by including company reviews and direct links for job seekers to apply for an open position. People who are signed into their gmail or Google+ account can even track their commute for specific jobs.

For Job Seekers

Job seekers are able to stay on top of their search without a break in play by setting up alerts or notifications.  When a job that fits their criteria becomes open near them,  Google will contact the individual directly. Google Jobs has integrations from trusted job sites around the web, such as Monster, Glassdoor, and Careerbuilder. Now, instead of searching through all the different platforms, those looking for an open position can simply perform a Google search for “content writer job”  and Google will populate all open positions relating to content writing in their area.  How easy is that?

Google continues to be the “big brother” of the web by offering ease of use for consumers and companies alike.  With the new roll-out of Google Jobs, this tech giant continues to grow and secure its place on everyone’s mobile and desktop devices.

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