Your business’s phone line likely accounts for the vast majority of your direct contact with clients, suppliers, business partners and other crucial actors in your company’s operation. It not only provides you with an important link to these business-driving forces but also gives you the unique opportunity to collect data that you can then use to grow your venture further.

What Is Call Tracking Software?

Every phone call you make in regards to your business contains important information. Some of this potentially crucial data includes:

  • Identity of the caller
  • Time of the call
  • The organization (if any) represented by the caller
  • Clear transcript of the call

Call tracking software allows you to easily and effectively record such information for later analysis. The software transforms what might otherwise be a passing encounter into hard data that can be referenced to update your website, tweak your prices, adjust your services or make other business-building decisions.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Simply put, this software works by using a unique phone number for each marketing campaign you launch. This measure is simple but provides a huge amount of information about the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns because you can quickly and easily see which efforts are receiving the most attention from your target audience. These numbers can be either local or 800 numbers and can lead to any department you choose when receiving a call.

Then the software collects data on incoming calls you received. It catalogs the call’s details and converts them into clear, concise information that’s easier for you to view and analyze later on. Using everything from caller identification to transcripts collected by the call, you can use this information to make tweaks to your marketing, websites or other aspects of your business to promote future growth and development.

How Does Call Tracking Software Benefit Your Business?

The use of unique phone numbers allows you to analyze where the interest in your campaign was garnered. For example, you may have one phone number associated with a social media marketing campaign you’re running, one associated with paid online searches and yet another associated with billboards and other print media.

The number of calls you receive from each of the numbers in question will provide a generous amount of information on which types of advertising were most effective for your particular service or product. As well, the collection of additional data (such as caller identification, location and a call transcript) gives you greater insight into whether you’re reaching your true target audience and how you might better accomplish that moving forward.

This additional data can be beneficial to your business in a wide variety of ways:

  • Addressing potential customer service challenges
  • Identifying which marketing efforts produce the most revenue
  • Calculating the average call duration
  • Assessing the effectiveness of your online marketing pages
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of keywords used in your marketing strategy

Using this information, you can quickly and easily make informed changes to your business operations and marketing strategies to help your business grow.

Learn More About Call Tracking

When it comes to running a business, the more data you have, the better. One of the best ways to collect the data you need on your business communications is utilizing professional call tracking software. To learn more about this service and how it can improve your marketing efforts, contact Sprout Media Lab at (800) 617-6975 today.