Consistent flow on your Facebook page is important – it keeps your followers engaged with your brand and helps keep your business page relevant on the most popular social media platform. However, coming up with fresh content for Facebook posts can pose as a challenge – especially when you have a business to run.

Don’t let this stress you out. Our Social Media team put together a list of top performing Facebook post types to help while you run the day-to-day operations and online users stay engaged.

Here are 15 Facebook post types to vary a feed and get more clicks and conversions to your website.

  1. Engagement Posts

Interactive posts tend to perform best on Facebook. Mix posts that generate engagement into any feed. Ask a question that your customers will answer.

Bonus : Use this to your advantage and get feedback on your brand, products or services! 

  1. Stories and Livestreams 

Facebook Stories mix photos and videos and can be viewed up to two times before disappearing after 24 hours. Live Streams can be watched in real time or later.

Bonus: These add a personable touch – connecting your followers to you, your staff and business. 

  1. Status Updates

Posts providing helpful information are often necessary. These updates increase your reputation for being responsive. This could include letting potential customers know you are open on a holiday, where perhaps they may assume you’re closed.

  1. Images

Pictures are the most common content shared on social networks. Adding an image to a post increases interaction.

Tip: Have fun with this! Change up images by adding different filters – this allows images to stand out from one another. 

  1. Videos

Pre-recorded video has the benefit of editing over livestreams. Share polished videos in posts.

Example: Highlight new products or show How To’s. 

  1. Content Promotion

The term “download” performs well on many social networks. The deliverable might be a blog post, ebook, podcast episode or webinar.

  1. Contests

Contests are a tried-and-true way of increasing engagement. Carefully consider entrance and engagement requirements.

  1. Infographics 

Infographics convey information through a combination of text and images. These visual presentations are among the most commonly shared content.

Tip: Include your logo – if shared, this helps your branding spread

  1. User-Generated

Seek permission to post content generated by customers, followers or friends. Highlights from a review (see #13), user photos or memes can build a positive reputation.

  1. Charity and Giving

Consider posting to promote a relevant cause or charity. This content has the potential to do good.

Note: This is great for small local businesses, as it helps connect with your community! 

  1. Behind the Scenes

Give followers an all-access pass. Images, videos and stories can reveal the human side of an account.

  1. Visual Quotes

Visual quotes are often inspirational. Combine text and graphics in colorful and compelling ways to sustain interest.

Tip: This is also a great post for hashtags! Use one trending hashtag and one business related

  1. Reviews and Testimonials

A powerful visual quote might combine wording from a positive customer review and a relevant image.

Tip: Professional photography and graphic design help these posts shine!

  1. News and Trending 

Increase visibility by interacting with trending topics. The type of account you run will determine the best way to contribute.

Tip: Avoid or be cautious with controversial topics. 

  1. Reshares

Reposting great content enhances the quality of a page and builds relationships. A good ratio is 10% reshares to 90% original content.

Want more tips on how to spice up your Social Media? 

Maintaining a presence on one or more social media channels is important – however, it can in itself become a full-time job, especially as your followers grow.

If you want additional tips on Social Media or interested in increasing your online engagement and presence overall, contact the Sprout Media Lab Social Media Pros… We’re happy to help!