Email marketing remains one of the most popular forms of promotion due to its high open rates. While social media marketing is known to grab the attention of passing readers, email marketing is the channel that establishes long-term trust. According to Adobe,61% of consumers prefer email communications from brands as compared to other promotional outlets.

Many consumers consider personalization as the top reason for this majority preference. Consumers are likely to feel special, valued, and appreciated when they receive an email from a brand. Whether it is a promo offer, a seasonal catalog, or simple birthday wishes, it all lies behind psychology. As such, brands can significantly improve their open and conversion rates by refining the factors that make an email uniquely personal.

While it is possible for companies to manage email campaigns with their in-house stakeholders, they may lack the resources and technology to truly optimize content – a challenge that is swiftly resolved by hiring a professional marketing agency, like Sprout Media Lab J

Improved Tracking and Optimization

Marketing agencies are usually run by professionals in their field with many years of experience. This means that they are likely to have access to the latest trends and data that will help fine-tune your email content. And they are likely to be familiar with the process as if it is the palm of their hand. These could include expert knowledge of the latest SEO practices, keywords, market trends, and more.

Additionally, marketing agencies are usually equipped with the most advanced tracking software that allows them to keep a close tab on vital marketing metrics such as open and click-through rates. They are also likely to generate data-supported reports that will drive your campaigns to the next level.

These insightful add-ons to your email campaigns will help shape better responses toward consumer behavior and optimize future content.

Highly Personalized Content

Marketing agencies have access to informative consumer data that will help create the most effective content for your customers. Based on trends, personalized content is known to increase revenue by as much as 760%. Agencies have highly systemized structures that tailor content according to various market segments (i.e. location, gender, age, etc.) for the best response.

Results-Driven Strategies

Agency specialists are well-aware of the expected milestones in an email marketing campaign. They will help companies plan the most ambitious yet realistic goals from a cost-effective standpoint.

Email marketing is one of the most scalable forms of marketing that enable businesses to stay within budget with the potential to expand their outreach with ease. Professional marketing agencies will help guide companies through every step of an email campaign by evaluating results with accumulated experience and detailed analytics.

It Costs Less to Outsource Your Email Marketing

For most businesses, it costs a great deal more money to build an effective in-house email program than simply outsourcing it. There are teams of skills involved in creating successful campaigns, including marketing strategy, copywriting, database management, web development, and even project management. Employees rarely have the required skills, and if they do, they charge premium rates.

Hidden costs, particularly skills-related expenses, are much higher for companies doing their own email campaigns than for those who outsource it.

Sprout Media Lab Specializes In Digital Marketing Solutions

Sprout Media Lab is a marketing specialist that applies a comprehensive range of strategies and techniques to boost your marketing initiatives. Our professional services span across website development, social media marketing, SEO strategies, and yes… Email Marketing. We ensure that every facet of your digital marketing campaign is set up to complement your organization’s brand, messaging and marketing goals.

At Sprout Media Lab, you can expect nothing less than the best strategies to optimize your email outreach with desired results.