Today’s DIY website builders like Wix and Squarespace, make it easier than ever for someone with little… to no… web design experience to put together a basic website. But just because something is easy to do, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best choice.

While DIY website builders do offer some very attractive templates and the ability to create a website quickly and with ease, there are many reasons why retaining the services of a professional web design agency might be the better option – especially when it comes to the big picture of the success of your business.

Not sure which route to go? No worries. Our team of Web experts put together some of the top “Pros and Cons” of using a DIY website builder vs hiring a professional web designer here:

DIY Website Builder Pros:

  • Easy to Use
  • Inexpensive or Free
  • Ready-made Templates

DIY Website Builder Cons:

  • Features May Be Limited
  • Not as Powerful or Flexible as Other Web Design Options
  • Somewhat time consuming with learning the how to’s of Web Design, Page layout, Image Optimization & Content Organization
  • Google has gotten to be more technical over the recent years.  Website load speed, User Interface/User Experience, Time on Site and Tracking are all part of what Google considers as Ranking Factors.
  • Implementing website conversion-friendly elements usually takes a professional eye and marketing experience if you’re trying to make your website turn clicks into contacts!

The pros are pretty straightforward, so let’s examine the cons in more detail:

Limited Features with a DIY Website Builder

Popular DIY website builders such as Wix, Squarespace or Weebly seem like a pretty good deal at first, and if you are seeking a website that will only consist of a few pages, maybe it is a good deal. But as your business grows, you’ll need to be able to add more functionality to your website – and some features just might not be available with a DIY website builder.

Intuitive forms, e-commerce shopping carts, advanced video capabilities and other important features that will make your website stand out from competitors and provide a positive user experience for visitors are critical in today’s competitive online marketplace. In order to configure and integrate these important features into your website, you’ll need the assistance of a skilled web designer.

Most DIY Website Builders Lack Flexibility

Sure, a ready-to-use template makes it easy to set up a web page pretty quick. But aside from the ability to maybe change some color schemes and other minor details, you’re pretty much stuck with the template you choose. Major changes such as expanding a page with new information on products or services, adding or moving around text and image areas, etc. can be very difficult.

Extra DIY Costs Involved

DIY website builders lure you in to using their templates and website builders by showcasing “low” or “free rates”. That’s because what they really make their money on are the extra services you’ll find you’ll need if you want to rank high on major search engines. With many DIY website builders, you’ll need to pay a monthly cost for upgraded features and services such as your own domain name, e-commerce options, the removal of ads from your site, extra web space, search engine placement services and more.

Save $ Initially, But Cost You More in the Long Run

If you have plenty of time to set up your new website via the “free” DIY website builders… great!  If you have incredible marketing instincts and a professional’s design eye for amazing page layout, user experience and conversion friendly CTA’s… awesome!  We might have a spot on the Sprout team if things don’t work out with your business 🙂

Saving a few bucks on a DIY website builder might sound like a good idea initially.  But… actually investing a few more bucks with a professional Web Design Agency on helping you build out a website that looks great, functions properly and generates leads for your business, is what most business owners end up realizing.  And, the sooner you come to this conclusion, the quicker your phone starts ringing and your sales start climbing!

Is a DIY Website Builder Ever Worth It?

If you are only seeking to create a small, basic website that you don’t plan on changing or adding to, then website builder might be all you need. But if you want to appear more professional and require more flexibility, features and other benefits garnered from utilizing the services of web design agency, then it’s definitely worth the expenditure to have a professional create your Website.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Professional Web Design Agency:

Web Design Agency Pros:

  • Top reason to hire a professional… You’re not on your own.  Hiring the right Pro will provide you with proper support, collaboration & execution
  • Design a unique website specific to your brand identity and company values
  • Flexibility with all elements of the website (best practice recommendations should be part of working with Web Pros)
  • High quality layout and visuals that help your website traffic convert
  • Advanced functionality can be planned for and implemented
  • Most professional Web Design Agencies are Reliable and will help you get across the finish line with your new website (Goal = Live Website)
  • Ensure that your website is Responsive on all devices and browsers
  • Ensure that  your website is Google friendly and technically up to par
  • Availability for questions and open communication help keep your website project moving towards a “Website Launch Date”
  • Support and Training are usually offered by Web Design Agencies ensuring that you know how to use your new website and that your website stays current and secure.
  • Some Web Design Agencies also offer Digital Marketing services that will help get the word out about your new website.  After all, isn’t that the point of investing in a brand new website?  Full-service agencies, like Sprout Media Lab will help boost your website rankings, clicks and leads!

Web Design Agency Cons:

  • Hiring a professional Web Design Agency can be costly

The one con of using a web design agency is that you may pay significantly more than you would a DIY website builder. But the end result is something that will ultimately be much more cost-effective. A professional website is an investment in your business and will play a large role in drawing traffic from search engines, instilling brand recognition and creating your online presence.

That being said, the pros of professional web design are many. For starters, you’ll have a truly customized website designed in collaboration with your web designer. You won’t have to worry about looking like so many other websites that use templates and the web designer can add several unique touches that truly represent your brand.

The flexibility to add, remove and change anything as you need to is also a major plus. This is increasingly important as your business grows or you have new products or services to offer.

Along with more flexibility comes advanced functionality. From intuitive shopping cart software integrated with your website to scripts that allow visitors to leave you reviews, the addition of more complex elements and plug-ins that improve the user experience, you can have your website custom-tailored to function exactly as you’d like without worrying about the limitations of DIY website builders.

Professionally build websites are also more reliable and will display correctly across all devices and browsers. Additionally, a website designer knows how to title various elements of the website to improve search engine optimization.

The Decision That Will Get You The Best Impact

Your business is important to you, and your website will likely be the first impression many new potential customers and clients have of your business.A professional website is a worthwhile investment to ensure future success.

Get Started Today!

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