In simple words, inbound marketing is the art of earning the attention of your target audience while outbound marketing is all about buying their attention. With the evolution of and easy access to the internet, inbound marketing has become an extremely effective way of acquiring customers.  Let’s call it magnetic!

Check out these 4 benefits to having an inbound marketing plan.

1. Convincing

Inbound marketing aims at informing your target audience and equipping them with information to help them make the right choice. Unlike outbound marketing, which focuses on pitching your product by way of ads and brochures, inbound marketing focuses on bringing in qualified leads through content marketing and social media strategies. As informed as customers are today, they tend to trust this strategic shift in marketing philosophy.

2. Viral Value

Inbound marketing makes customers a part of the marketing campaign by encouraging them to share content about the brand on social media. The strategy is to make content go viral on the web through social media platforms, link building and other methods, thereby saving a good deal of money for the business in the long term.

3. Branding

Inbound marketing earns credibility for your brand and in the long term, it helps build brand value for your business. This in turn leads not only to more customer acquisition, but also to customer retention and enhanced customer loyalty.

4. ROI

According to a recent study, you spend up to 62% lesser per impression with inbound marketing when compared to outbound marketing. This gives you an excellent ROI.


With all these benefits, its powerful engagement value, and focus on building long term relationships with customers, inbound marketing is definitely worth investing in.  Give Sprout Media Lab a call at (800) 617-6975 for a FREE consultation and to see how we can help you with your inbound marketing strategy!