As you continue to expand your business, you may start to wonder more about how to market to people who already want to buy your product or hire your service. The more you learn about your customers, the more effective you can make your marketing efforts.  

Learning more about buyer personas can seem intimidating at first, but mastering it may help you gain traction and growth in new or old markets.

1. Learn About Potential New Customers

While your first instinct may be to market to anyone and everyone who could see your product or service, it can actually help you to create buyer personas to focus on potential new customers. These personas use the factual information you learn about your current buyers on your website, such as their ages and purchase habits.

Customizing your advertisements and targeting individuals who may start to patronize your business, instead of relying on random advertisements that may not reach many interested people, could save you time and money. Collecting this data over a long period of time can also help you adjust to trends as they change.

2. Analyze Your Data

Once you have the raw data compiled, you can start to look for trends among people who buy your product or use your service. You may notice new demographics or you could have your guesses confirmed about what is popular. Learning about which products or services are in highest demand can help you determine which ones you should showcase.

Breaking this data down into a few key personas can help you understand it better. Learning about these trends will then help you create various personas that incorporate the factual information and buying habits of people of certain ages or income levels. Typically, collecting this data online allows you to see things like how long people take to look at certain products or which ones they clicked on most often.

3. Create Your Personas

Crafting fictional people who fit the core target audience you want, is the basic idea behind making buyer personas. You can choose what jobs these people work, how much they spend, and what their interests are. Looking at the data you collected can help you decide how many personas you should make and what they should look like.

You can even give them certain important details, like a full name and a place of birth, in order to make them feel more life-like. Using these personas can help you narrow down who you want to advertise to.

4. Craft Your Messages

You have the ability to craft a specific message once you know who you are talking to. If you want to reach a certain age range or people with a certain need, you can make advertisements that will catch the attention of people like your personas. Customizing the words or graphics you use can help create new interest in your business.

You can also save expenses by cutting back on any advertisements that don’t reach people or make them interested in what you sell. Without knowing what works and what doesn’t, you could spend a lot of your budget on poorly worded or ineffective advertising campaigns. You can also see what products people love most and with more substantial in-depth research, such as polls or surveys, you can start to see why.

Put It Into Practice

By targeting your marketing to specific groups with your personas as a guideline, you can find a new base of people who are eager to follow you on social media, learn about your products or services and eventually become your next valued customer. 

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