In 2022, businesses are utilizing a variety of effective and efficient marketing techniques to draw in customers and establish their brands. If you don’t have a way to attract new customers and keep your current ones, you could get left behind. This is where text message marketing comes into play. By using text messaging, you can appeal to a broader audience of prospective customers and ensure your business stands out from the crowd.

Establishing Customer Relationships

Text messaging is a simple and quick way to establish a relationship between you and customers. Once a customer or prospective customer opts in for business text messaging, you can start to send messages directly to their mobile devices. Messages can include various discounts and offers, as well as order updates and surveys. By text messaging customers, you can ensure they receive information as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How to Use SMS Messaging

Text messaging is used by numerous content creators, marketers, small business owners, and agencies. You can use SMS messaging for the following:

  •   Promotions and offers – Ensure customers quickly receive information about relevant promotions, sales, and other incentives.
  •   Pre-and-post sale communication – Keep customers up to date by providing information about their purchases. Ask for feedback about your products or services.
  •   Lead enrichment – Detect unicorn leads using the qualified leads that come through.

Launching a Text Campaign

There are many ways to launch a successful business text messaging campaign. Here are some easy steps to get started:

  1. Capture readers’ attention using a unicorn SMS campaign.
  2. Ensure your marketing campaign is highly personalized.
  3. Keep customers engaged by employing an SMS drip campaign.
  4. Use SMS marketing as a touchpoint for your customers.
  5. Ensure your text messages coincide with customers’ specific time zones.

By taking the previously listed steps, you can start a successful text messaging campaign without stress or anxiety.

Why is Text Messaging Essential to Your Marketing Campaign?

As a business owner, content creator, or marketing professional, you may be wondering why SMS texting is an important component of any digital marketing campaign. Did you know that 99% of text messages are opened? With such a high rate of engagement, you are bound to reach new and existing customers. Here are some more reasons you may want to try SMS this year:

  •   Ease of use (text messaging is simple, short, and sweet)
  •   Ability to re-engage customers
  •   Establishment of one-on-one relationships
  •   Elite in-class targeting

Business text messaging is an unrivaled marketing tactic that can help you grow your business in a relatively short amount of time.

Some mobile phone users check their texts dozens of times each day, which means you have multiple opportunities to grab their attention. Also, it only takes a few key seconds to send a text. Text messaging customers can also help you grow qualified leads, create customer loyalty,  increase web traffic, and boost revenue through promotions. Very few marketing techniques offer so many benefits at once.

Gaining More Subscribers

Would you like more subscribers? Fortunately, gaining subscribers can be a relatively simple task. By connecting your texts to website popups, uploading customer lists, using keyword opt-ins with incentives, and offering status updates and information about promotions, you can appeal to new subscribers. SMS is also a great tool if you run out of ads, and you can even integrate a CRM.

How to Send Text Messages

Regardless of your business size or type, you can send out text messages easily using a customer management platform and visual campaign builder. Such platforms give you the option to automate and schedule messages according to a customer’s time zone and location. Most platforms also give the chance to view all conversations in an inbox where you can tag, reply to, or assign conversations.

Get Started Messaging

If you need help getting your text messaging campaign off the ground, Sprout Media Lab is here to help.  Reach us online or call (800) 617-6975 today to get started.