If you’ve heard about remarketing, but haven’t learned how to use it to its best advantage, you’re missing out on a golden business opportunity. Today, we’re going to share five common-sense, easy-to-understand reasons to perform remarketing. By the time you’ve absorbed this vital information, you may just be tempted to do some remarketing of your own, with a mind to driving more sales to your website…and building your brand!

1. You’ll Get More Conversions

Usually, five percent of people who visit a website actually take the plunge and convert. Some of them like to take a deeper look at things before they commit to buying. Others are put off by unappealing landing pages or get frustrated because they can’t find the information that they want. Some people don’t develop faith in a brand right away. There are various reasons why conversions fail to happen and remarketing is designed to lure in those who were close to converting, but backed out. It’s all about getting a bigger piece of the pie by grabbing more vital market share in your niche.

2. It’s Very Cost-effective

Remarketing is affordable when it’s done correctly. For example, to put things into perspective, if you’re currently paying a couple of bucks per click in order to get a prospective customer to your online address, you may be able to get them to come back for as little as fifty cents per click. It’s a failsafe way to boost conversion numbers without spending a lot of money. This is why website owners from all walks of life (and business budgets!) will benefit from remarketing.

3. Higher Bids Increase Conversion Levels

It’s possible to spend more in order to get more. So, you may scale your remarketing budget to your particular goals. For example, if you bid a higher amount for remarketing advertisements, you’ll show customers that you’re still out there and that you continue to offer excellent goods and services. It’s best to have a great website, with appealing landing pages and ads, if you do decide to choose this “higher bids” remarketing approach. Also, consider the median average cost of the item(s) you’re selling. If it’s a high-ticket item, bidding more will make financial sense. If your item costs just a few bucks, it may not be the way to go.

4. You’ll Showcase New Elements of Your Business

Clients often keep their ads the same when they perform remarketing. However, it may be wiser to add some variety by creating new ads which reinforce your basic selling points and the strengths of your company, while also adding a little twist! One tip is to put great reviews in the remarketing ad or to mention industry awards or other achievements. Show the customer that there are now even more great reasons to invest in what you sell. You’re out to grab the interest of people who have already shown a desire to find out more about your products. Enticing them with new angles may be enough to make them convert.

5. You’ll Beef Up Your Brand Message

Brand recognition is so important, as a strong brand with good brand recognition will always seem more trustworthy in the eyes of prospective and returning customers. When remarketing, you should schedule your ads in terms of how often they display, with a mind to nudging people towards you, without overloading them. Showing too many ads too often may push customers away. When you schedule your ads carefully, you’ll beef up your brand message without any downside.

Why Not Try Remarketing Today?

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