In an age when it seems a new social media platform is rising up to claim the spotlight each and every month, it can be difficult to keep up with your brand’s online presence. If you fall behind on one platform, you’re likely to miss out on a whole new audience, while your existing fans may move on and leave your business in the dust over time. It’s a challenge, but with these five overlooked but powerful hacks, you can bring your business up to speed with a few cross-promotional tricks.

1. Promote To Your Audiences

Don’t be afraid to update one audience about your presence on a new platform. For example, if you have a sizable Facebook audience but have a Twitter or Instagram that could use more followers, make a post on the larger platform in an attempt to draw your fans over. However, be mindful of striking a balance. While it’s fine to make a post or two now and again about your brand’s other socials, don’t flood your followers’ feeds with repetitive links.

2. Be Consistent With Addresses and Contact Information

Ensure any addresses or contact information on your accounts are listed the exact same way and ideally in the exact same place every time. This includes ensuring pages on sites like Yelp don’t have outdated addresses. This reduces potential confusion and ensures you’re not losing customers due to confusing or out-of-date info.

3. Implement Social Media Links

Social media links are your best friend when it comes to digital marketing. Take the time to create and style social media links, and then implement these on all of your pages – including your email signatures. Overall, this is one of the easiest ways to open traffic between your brand’s various social media platforms. An experienced social media professional can help you build good-looking links and figure out the ideal placement for them on any site.

4. Take the SEO Plunge

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a helpful online tool used to drive your target audience to your website when they insert certain keywords into their search engine of choice. Having good SEO practices makes your website more readily accessible to potential customers in the long run, which only benefits you in the long run.

5. Make Your Socials Work Together

70 percent of users report they’d rather get information through alternative content rather than just ads. This means you need to synchronize your socials to get the balance of content and information that your customers want and that you require. Fortunately, this is easier than it sounds. For example, you can:

  •   Promote your email subscription on your socials
  •   Send out emails to your subscribers promising more information about a product or deal on one of your socials, like Instagram or Facebook
  •   Cross-post blog posts to your socials

Get creative and have fun with it to keep your audience engaged.

Build a Better Digital Marketing Presence

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