Though they’ve been around for nearly three decades, QR codes have recently taken off as a marketing strategy for businesses of all kinds. In fact, the use of QR codes quadrupled in 2022 alone. Restaurant menus, bathroom doors, flyers and more now contain these codes, which customers can use to easily and quickly access more information on any product or service. So, how can you take advantage of this forward-thinking new tech for your business venture? With only 5 easy-to-follow steps involved, it’s easier than you might think.

1. Choose a QR Code Generator

First, you’ll use your computer’s browser to access a QR code generator, such as the one found at This is one of many free code generators online that you can use to achieve your end goal of creating a unique code. Take your time to explore your options and decide which web-based generator is best for the unique needs of your product or service.

2. Enter Your URL

Generally, the entire purpose of a QR code is to redirect a potential customer base to your URL of choice, usually a website. However, you may also choose to redirect interested parties to other digital media using links, including:

  •   PDFs
  •   Microsoft Word documents
  •   PowerPoint files
  •   Contact cards
  •   MP3 files

Once you determine what the destination for your QR code is, copy and paste it into the indicated section in your chosen code generator. You may also have access to customizable options such as the ability to save contact information. Peruse these options, select the ones you want and then your code is ready for download.

3. Customize Your QR Code

Each generated QR code is unique, but why not take the time to make it stand out even more? Some generators give users the option to customize a code’s color, shape and frame. By changing these small details, you’re better able to make your code’s design mirror your website’s theme or more closely match your brand, which in turn makes your marketing look more professional.

4. Download the File to Your Computer

Click the “Download” button and simply wait for your code to generate. If a site prompts you to create an account, know that this step is often unnecessary. Your QR code should take no longer than one to two minutes to finish generating. Save this to your computer in a file that’s easy to find.

5. Distribute Your New QR Code

Making your QR code visible to your target audience is your final step. This involves incorporating it into your various marketing plans. Fortunately, adding your code to advertisements is easy. Simply import the image as you would any other JPEG or PNG file. As for finding the perfect place for your code to receive the most possible interest, it’s always good to work alongside a social media professional.

Learn More

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