When it comes to all aspects of digital marketing, conversion rates are the one metric being chased above all others. How you design and implement your contact forms is the deciding factor in whether or not you’re getting enough conversions through your website.

Driving traffic to your website is step #1, but getting a website visitor to complete your lead capture forms can be tricky. Following are 5 tips and easy tweaks you can make to your forms that will make a big difference in your conversion rate.

Place your forms well

How far do users have to scroll to engage with your form? If your form is built into the layout of the page, rather than through an interruptive popup, you’ve already made one good decision. However, stats show that forms above the fold (where users have to start scrolling) is always a wise move.

Minimize the number of fields on your lead capture forms

The more obstacles between your site’s user and that conversion, the more likely your “hot prospect” is to abandon the process mid-way through if they don’t immediately decide it’s too much work. So, keep the number of required fields to a minimum.

Choose cleaner contact form display formats

Even if they only look like they’re longer, the perception of more work can lead to form abandonment. Not only can you remove fields or make them much more convenient to engage with, changing the formatting to a single-column style can be just as effective. Avoid cluttering the form with text outside of the necessary fields, as well. The neater it is, the easier it looks to engage with and complete.

Establish trust with your privacy policy

Thanks in part to largely publicized stories about user data being misused and shared without consent, people are worrying about their privacy more than ever before. Savvy users know that their data is secure with the https “lock” icon (usually green), but they also need to ensure that you’re going to use their data in ways that they approve of. Keep your privacy policy upfront and don’t be afraid to highlight aspects of it to ensure users are more comfortable completing your contact form.

Be clear about the next steps will be upon submission of a contact form

When it comes to “call-to-actions” or CTA’s, you need to go beyond the generic. If your call-to-action is to encourage online users to “buy” or “subscribe”, you’re not telling them what they’re actually going to get by following through.

Instead, base your call-to-action around the end-goal of what your form is going to help them achieve. For instance, if your form is for a “Free Quote”, your call to action can be something like “Get My Free Quote” with a short sentence that describes what to expect next… such as, “Complete the form below and we’ll get back with you within 24 hours to provide you with a quote on your project”. Give them an idea of what they’re going to expect at the end of the journey.

Ultimately… it’s all about the conversions, isn’t it?!?! By following these quick and relatively easy tips, you’re well on your way to achieving more success by way of a conversion-friendly contact form.

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