The truth is that no company should be skimping on SEO in 2020. As more buyers turn to online searches to find goods and services, companies need to ensure they optimize their website to get discovered.

Still, there are seven companies that need search engine optimization more than others and our team has identified those, here: 

  1. eCommerce Businesses

Companies that operate solely online have no walk-in customers to generate revenue. Their equivalent of a walk-in customer is getting discovered online through internet searches.

This requires good SEO tactics to ensure they rank high enough to reach prospective customers.

  1. Local Businesses

To be clear, local SEO differs from national and international SEO. The main difference is that it is more targeted.

This makes search engine optimization a great way for local companies to beat out bigger chains through regional relevance and knowing the local market better.

  1. Small Businesses

Startups and other small businesses need SEO more than most. As new players in their industries, using high-ranking informative pieces can help them to build reputations as authoritative figures.

In addition to Pay Per Click advertising & Social Media marketing, SEO is also one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies, which is great for companies that tend to be on a budget.

  1. Non-Profits

Like small businesses and startups, nonprofits often have smaller and more unpredictable budgets than other organizations. They, too, benefit from the cost-effective nature of SEO, especially when paired with low-cost social media ads.

  1. Restaurants and Bars

How often have you asked Google to find you Thai takeout or good coffee nearby? Regardless of what kinds of food you love, virtually everyone has done this at one point or another. 

Companies that do not invest in easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly websites miss out on these opportunities.

Tip: Setting up a Google My Business page is also crucial.

  1. Service Professionals

Service professionals need to work a little harder at SEO to outrank many of the products that may replace them by providing DIY alternatives. This is especially true for maintenance, legal and even medical professionals. Apps and tutorial videos are becoming their prime competitors.

  1. Niche Companies

Have you ever tried to look for something so specific you felt certain Google couldn’t miss it? Instead, it returned several search results that were not relevant to what you needed. 

Companies that serve a specific niche may find that their consumers have this issue when trying to find them or the solutions they offer. SEO can fix this.

Get Started

Does your business fall into one of these seven categories? It’s not too late to get started on your SEO for the new year. Contact Sprout Media Lab online, or call our team of SEO experts at (800) 617-6975 today, to help ensure your company is showing in SEO results!