YouTube is the second largest search engine, falling in line just behind Google.  And did you know… that Google actually owns Youtube, buying the platform back in 2006, which makes them a powerful team together. In fact, Forbes estimates that every day, people watch 250 million hours of videos on YouTube. Now, that’s a lot of online eyeballs.

While more companies are moving into the YouTube space, not all are going about it the right way. Over-The-Top (OTT) marketing is effective, but businesses should also focus on creating channels that entertain and inform consumers even without ads.

Want to up your company’s YouTube game? Our team has compiled a quick list for you to get a strong grasp on just how you can master marketing on YouTube.

Design a Stylish Homepage

Just like your website, the homepage of your YouTube channel leaves a lasting impression. People most often see a video before they see your YouTube homepage, but the page impacts whether or not your viewer subscribes and checks out more of your stuff.

Following are some ideas to consider as you spruce up your YouTube homepage:

  •         A header image that illustrates the main highpoint of your channel
  •         A profile photo that people can recognize as belonging to your brand
  •         A trailer that pitches your content to viewers
  •         An about page that pitches your brand story
  •         Playlists so people can view the aspects of your channel that are important to them

Consider Optimizing Your YouTube Page Using SEO Techniques

SEO is more important here than for any other social media platform (besides Google itself). Spend some time researching the backend data to include in your channel. Some basics to cover include descriptions, tags, keywords and titles.

Many business owners try to target the most popular keywords. Remember that just as with regular website SEO, high competition can make ranking difficult. Combine popular tags with niche selections to combat this.

Craft Killer Content

What do people want to watch? Do some research on your YouTube channel competitors. This includes not just other businesses but all YouTubers that fall within your niche. What are their most popular videos? What are the questions that people tend to ask? Can you answer any of these questions with your own video content? Use this as your starting point.

As your own audience begins to grow, monitor the comments and the analytics tabs for ideas on how to improve.

Monetize the Website

People who consume YouTube content don’t particularly like Advertising, and do not want to be sold to… but they do understand that both businesses and influencers use the channels to make a living. Include a call-to-action (CTA) to convert viewers into customers, but be subtle.

Master Your Social Media with Expert Help

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