Millennials have passed Boomers as the nation’s largest living generation — which means, depending on your product or service, they are likely your widest customer group as well. If you want to gain the attention of your Millennial audience, use these 7 tips to capitalize on the fact that this generation is widely-read, tech-savvy and values-driven.

  1. Millennials Are Not Always Brand-Loyal

It’s tempting to think that once your customers pick your brand, they will stick with it forever. Not so with Millennials. Keep yourself relevant by switching up your marketing tactics if you want to gain the loyalty of this group.

  1. Millennials Know Technology

Even the oldest Millennials came of age during the late ’90s and early ’00s internet boom (hence their “Millennial” moniker). Remember to make use of technology to sell your product to this generation.

  1. Millennials Are The Original App Users

These folks were high school and college-aged when smartphones and apps became relevant to everyday life. If you’re not using thoughtful marketing techniques and social platforms on mobile devices to market your business, you’ll quickly become irrelevant in their eyes.

  1. Millennials Want To See Company Values and Brand Transparency

Millennials value authenticity and transparency in the companies they follow and the products they choose. If you donate part of your proceeds to charity, let them know. If you only source your ingredients from organic or vegan sources, you’ll certainly attract loyal followers from members of this group who value such things.

  1. Millennials Won’t Fall for Overt Sales Tactics

If you’ve gotten used to sending out coupons or emails claiming that your customers need to “rush now” or that they’re “running out of time” to get 20% off your products, you need to rethink your campaign. Too many notices like this will turn off the Millennial market, who value being put first as people rather than as walking wallets.

  1. Millennials Don’t Like Gimmicks

If your ad reeks of late-night infomercials or anything about it feels inauthentic, this will be a turn-off to your Millennial market. Remember: they want to see that you put people first and sales second.

  1. Millennials Are Open-Minded

This generation is willing to take Ubers, rent their wardrobe and create internet-based wish lists. This means that if you have an out-of-the-box idea, cast that line! You’ll definitely get some bites from the Millennial market.

Need Assistance Marketing to Millennials?

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