Think you have a great website? If you haven’t updated it within the last couple of years, now’s the time to take a second look.

Website design is constantly evolving and improving, and you don’t want to fall behind the curve by sticking with the status quo. If you haven’t done so this year, it’s time to take a critical look at your website design and ask yourself if it’s fit for 2020.

To help you answer this question, here are some of the top 2019 trends you should be considering to make sure your website is set up for success in 2020. 

Simplified Rebranding

Many companies are choosing to shed their old, frilly logos in favor of more professional, straightforward logos. New designs are simple, crisp and serious – yet casual. To join this rebranding revolution, consider whether your unconventional logo could use a candid updated version.

Unique, Unconventional Illustration Styles

More web design services are offering unique illustration styles that tend to lean toward abstract. If you’re not taking advantage of this trend, your website may look outdated. Think outside the box when it comes to your web illustrations and aim to heighten the viewer’s senses in some way.

Bold and Subtle Color Palettes

If you’re wondering how to revamp the colors in your website design, you have two main trending choices. Both bold and subtle color palettes are wildly popular right now, so choose what’s most relatable to your brand and appeals to your audience.

Many companies are discarding the in-your-face boldness of bright colors in favor of understated and inviting color palettes. However, bold and indie-type designs are still taking the world by storm with highly saturated, energetic colors.

Attention-Grabbing Text

While the trend for logos is toward simplicity, on-screen text is another matter entirely. Website design is leaning toward large blocks of screen-dominating text. In some cases, large text is taking the place of illustrations and is the first thing visitors see when they hop on a website.


The year 2019 saw an increase in exceptional web content full of colorful narratives. The idea is to take your website visitors on an exciting journey through your content. This trend is likely to continue well into 2020 and beyond.

If you’re going to take advantage of the large text trend, you will also want to lean toward great storytelling on your website. 

Revamp Your Site

Don’t be left behind in a world of constant online trend changes! If you want to have a successful website design in 2020, first consider adapting these 2019 top trends to get your brand caught up to speed. 

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