Advertising on Facebook isn’t easy, but it definitely can be lucrative! Facebook has billions of users worldwide and allows business owners to reach segmented audiences with targeted messages, giving them the potential for delivering fantastic results. What business owner wouldn’t want this at their fingertips?  

However, great results aren’t guaranteed. Benefits will only occur when using the platform properly – so how can you improve your Facebook advertising? We’re giving you an inside look at what we’re dealing with on the regular. Read on for great tips to maximize your social media advertising opportunities! 

Fine-Tune Your Audience Targeting

One of the most powerful features Facebook ad targeting offers, is not only fine tuning your audience, but also changing your audience target per ad. Using  Facebook’s Audience Insights tool allows you to see who is most likely engaging with your company, giving you the opportunity to target these individuals accordingly.

Always Be A/B Testing Your Ads

Whenever possible, you should create two different versions of your ad and A/B test them to see which one is more effective. A/B testing your ads has a number of benefits:

  •     You can try different ad formats
  •     You can find out which ads perform well (and why)
  •     You’re able to experiment with different market segments
  •     You can invest in the best formats and get higher click-through rates

If you’re only ever releasing a single version of an ad, it’s a mistake. By using A/B testing to your advantage, you can get all of the above benefits and more.

Look To The Competition For Inspiration

 Not feeling good about how your ads are performing? Seek out a competitor and take a look at their Facebook ad strategy! What are they doing differently? How do their ads stack up to yours? Are they using more engaging imagery? Better language? Does their landing page load more quickly than yours?

By looking at the competition, you can see where you’re doing well and where you can improve your efforts. By utilizing this information, you can better build your Facebook ads.

Measure Your Success, Track Your Metrics Closely

Tracking your metrics and seeing how you’re doing is important, so set a clear goal for your Facebook ad campaigns ensuring this takes place. You can’t know where you are without a road map – so always keep an eye on metrics such as click-through rate, conversion rate and more to see how your ads are performing.

Preview Ads On Desktop & Mobile

Design ads functional and appealing for both laptop/desktop computers and mobile devices. Ignoring one in favor of the other can lead to poor ad performance. 96% of users regularly access Facebook on a mobile device, while only 25% regularly use a desktop or laptop.

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