Landing pages are an essential part of any successful digital marketing strategy and if you fail to build a successful one, your marketing ROI will plunge. You may attract customers to your website, but fail to convert them!  So, if you want to get the 4-1-1 on landing pages, definitely read on. 

What Is A Landing Page, And What Does It Do?

A landing page is exactly what it sounds  like – it’s the page your potential customer land on when they’re attracted by an ad… and click on it.  Common platforms and natural landing page pairings include Google AdsFacebook Ads, Retargeting Ads or perhaps even organic search results on popular search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo. 

It’s a standalone web page designed to convert a click (or visitor) into a contact (or customer) and get them to purchase a product, get more information about a service or take some other specific call-to-action.

Why Are Landing Pages Important?

Landing pages are important because they are where your visitors travel through the “sales funnel,” and actually become customers.

If a user has clicked an ad or search result for your company, they’re obviously interested in what you have to offer. Landing pages are important because they must keep up this conversion momentum and convince the visitor to take that critical next step to become a customer.

How Can I Build Better Landing Pages?

A great landing page needs to be concise, well-designed and organized in a way which entices users to feel comfortable and want to complete a specific action – buying a product, requesting information about a service or joining an email newsletter. Here are a few tips for building better landing pages.

  • Focus on Performance – The faster a landing page loads, the better. Eliminate unnecessary graphics and do your best to ensure your page loads as quickly as possible. Pages taking 2.4 seconds to load, have a 1.9% conversion rate – bump that up to 4.2 seconds and the conversion rate is less than 1%.
  • Minimize Distractions – Your landing page should be free of unnecessary distractions, including extra menus, external links and other such things. The Ultimate Guide to Landing Pages from Hubspot has a great guide for minimizing distractions when creating landing pages.
  • Create Landing Pages for a Particular Buyer Persona – Whenever you’re building a landing page, do so with a particular buyer persona in mind and anticipate who they are, how they have found your website and how you can overcome their objections in regards to getting them to convert into a customer.
  • Use a Strong Call-To-Action (CTA) – You need to use a strong, clear and obvious call-to-action on your landing page: “Learn more here!” “Get your 20% off discount!” “Sign up for our newsletter!” “Enter your email for a free eBook!”

Your CTA needs to demonstrate clear value and have strong and actionable language pointing customers in the right direction, keeping them moving through the sales funnel. Without the right CTA, your landing page just won’t work.

Need Help With Landing Pages? Contact Sprout Media Lab!

The above best practices and information are sure to help you build better landing pages. But if you’d like to learn more or get help from professionals who live and breathe landing pages, contact Sprout Media Lab today at (800) 617-6975. We’d be happy to learn more about your business and help you with your digital marketing strategy!