SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing are all critical in ensuring your small business gains traction online and builds a loyal following. But these methods can take months, sometimes years before you see results. 

As a business owner, you know small businesses don’t have years to wait before making a profit. So what’s one quick and straightforward way to get in front of your customers immediately? Pay Per Click!!!  Yes, investing in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can help your small business drive traffic to your business, generate leads and drum up quick sales.

Of course, your PPC campaigns need to be set up correctly to achieve the kind of success you think of when deciding on making that investment.  But, if you do get it right… it’s one of the best, most effective investments you can make… and following, are 7 reasons why: 

  1. PPC Visitors Convert

When you create a PPC ad, you’re using keywords that your customers use to search for specific items your business sells. So, visitors who see your PPC ads tend to have high buyer intent. Generally, visitors to your website from a PPC ad are 50% more likely to make a purchase than visitors who come in via organic search.

  1. PPC Ads are Predictable

When it comes to SEO, the results may be out of your control and it can be challenging in predicting which keywords and when they will rank high enough on Google to generate clicks to your website. With PPC ads, the results are more predictable and you have greater control over the outcome.

  1. PPC is Scalable

Once you have a PPC campaign that is doing well enough for you to feel the positive effects of your wise decision to invest your marketing dollars in PPC ads… it’s time to scale it up! With PPC, all you have to do is raise your daily/monthly budget, expand your geo target or add more Ad Groups to your campaign, and you’re on your way to generating more impressions… more clicks… and more sales for your small business.

  1. Results are Fast with PPC

 If you know what you’re doing (or you hire someone that does), you can have a “live” PPC campaign up and running in a few short hours.  Although, typically… properly researching, setting up and expertly organizing your PPC Campaign could take days, if not weeks to get it running right.  But days and weeks sure does sound better than waiting months or years with SEO… doesn’t it?

  1. PPC Protects Your Focus

When you invest in PPC for your small business, you can spend your crucial time and energy on making new products and improving your business, instead of spending time on long-game inbound marketing and SEO techniques. PPC ads allow you to protect your focus and grow your business in other ways while you generate a consistent stream of revenue on autopilot.

  1. Variety with PPC

Most marketers think about Google Ads and Adwords when they hear the term PPC. But There are tons of different PPC ad platforms on the market today you can choose for your small business growth strategies. There are Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Bing and Yahoo ads and more.

  1. Greater Reach

Because you can utilize a variety of different PPC ad platforms, your business will have greater reach. With PPC, you have the opportunity to reach customers searching on Google, browsing Facebook, or watching Youtube videos.

No matter where your target customers are hanging out, you can reach them with a scalable, profitable PPC campaign. Contact Sprout Media Lab today or call us at (800) 617-6975 for your free consultation on how to get started investing in PPC ads for your small business.