With so many ways to reach your subscribers and customers, how do you know which techniques and what messaging will deliver the results you want for your business? Check out these 8 email marketing tips that will surely help you hit your marketing marks and reach your business goals.

  1. Use a Signature

 People don’t want to read messages from faceless entities. Sign off your company newsletters with the name of an actual person from the company. This is an easy and simple, yet effective way to connect with your subscribers and humanize your brand.

  1. Keep it Clean

Your business pays for each subscriber on your list. While email can generate an average ROI of 37:1, you can’t get good returns when you have a bunch of dead weight pulling down your email open rates and dampening your sales numbers. Regularly go through your list and trim down the people who never open your emails.

  1. Go Above the Fold

Keep your main message and Call To Action above-the-fold. Repeat your CTA at least three times throughout your message, and give the reader a combo of links and buttons to engage with your CTA. As many as 70% of subscribers won’t see your CTA if it is below the fold.

  1. Personalize the Greeting

Who likes to be called “dear subscriber?” One of the sweetest sounds to anyone’s ear is the sound of their own name. When you write your newsletters, make good use of the {Firstname} merge tag in the email’s subject line and throughout the body of the message.

  1. Conduct A/B Testing

Want to improve your open and click rates, but aren’t sure how? A/B split testing allows you to send two different newsletters to different groups of subscribers. You can test which messages, subject lines, CTAs and email content resonates the most with your list when you conduct A/B tests.

  1. Brand the Header

Place your logo in either the top center of the email or upper left corner. This helps brand your newsletter and eye-tracking studies have found consumers instinctively look for company logos in these locations.

  1. Match Newsletters and Landing Pages

Consistency is one of the keys to building customer loyalty and increasing your customer’s trust. Make sure to streamline and match the look, feel and tone of your newsletter with your landing pages. This ensures consistency across several platforms and is an excellent way to build trust and loyalty with your subscribers.

  1. Incentivize Subject Lines

Including an incentive in your email subject lines can increase open rates as much as 50%. Some examples include “Free game with $25 purchase” or “Buy one get one free today only.” Bonus points when you add in a bit of scarcity, driving a quick spike in sales.

Today, there are so many tools marketers can use to increase sales and conversion rates. But email marketing has stood the test of time and continues to be one of the leading ways to increase your brand awareness and drive sales. 

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