The numbers show it. The growth in eCommerce reflects a major increase in purchasers and revenues. As reported by Forbes Magazine, more than two billion buyers purchase online. Current expectations point to continued growth that could amount to 7.4 trillion dollars of sales in 2025. Although the figures appear promising, your eCommerce business will also need to stay ahead of your competitors to achieve success.

Create Engaging Content and Relevant Keyword Phrases

Grow your business and remain competitive by attracting website visitors with engaging content. Your website’s content and search engine optimization work hand-in-hand to increase traffic and convert visitors into customers. Google notes that useful and engaging content influences your visit-and-conversion rate more than any other factor.

You can effectively drive your SEO marketing through relevant and authoritative content that customers find useful. Consider what your purchasers look for when they perform searches and include the relevant search terms as keyword phrases in your content.

Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

Almost three out of four eCommerce sales involve mobile devices. Design your website to accommodate visitors who appreciate a mobile responsive purchase experience.

Purchasers tend to favor mobile apps over mobile websites because they operate faster. Offering a mobile app brings an advantage. Two billion users access the internet from smartphones; you’ll have a good head start on reaching your intended customers.

Personalize Lead Generation

Basing your marketing on purchasers’ preferences and lifestyles increases sales. Research shows that the majority of customers appreciate online experiences that reflect personal needs and interests.

Generate personalized leads by offering potential customers a free service or item in exchange for contact information that indicates purchasing preferences. When used responsibly, gathering potential customer information can become a win-win arrangement.

Use Ad-Retargeting

Retargeting provides another way to generate personalized leads. It involves placing a cookie in visitors’ browsers when they come to your website. The visitor may not have placed an order, but the interaction with your site can serve as an indicator of preferences and lifestyle.

After visitors leave your website, the information gained helps you send personalized ads through their browsers. The ads can feature content or products tailored to their preferences. Your data collection, however, should include a cookie and privacy policy on your website.

Grow Through Social Media

On average, internet users spend almost 2.5 hours on social media each day. This presents an opportunity to “bring your store to the customer.” Your business can connect with consumers through the social media platforms that have already become part of their daily routines.

More than three-quarters of consumers surveyed reported that social media made a significant impact on their purchase decisions. Integrate your online marketing with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to grow your customer base and become a recognized brand.

Launch a Smart PPC Online-Ad Strategy

Pay-per-click lets you get your products or services out in front of those individuals most likely to become customers. Other advertising formats require you to pay upfront, but PPC provides a better arrangement. You only pay a fee when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website.

Your keywords determine when search engine results show your ad next to the search results. A smart PPC campaign makes use of effective keyword phrases combined with customer-relevant content. You also get statistics showing which keywords are performing best.

Provide a Quick and Easy Select-and-Checkout Process

The navigation, design and appeal of your website have much to do with your success. Your shopping cart functionality plays an important role. Cart abandonment reflects a loss of sales income for an eCommerce business that can come close to 70% in some cases.

Design your website so that your visitors can easily review and select items. When it comes time for the all-important checkout process, make sure it goes smoothly and quickly.

Don’t Neglect This Vital Element in Your Success Plan

Growing an online enterprise and succeeding in eCommerce can encompass a wide range of time-consuming setups. You and your in-house team, however, may not have the available time to tackle all the necessary tasks. That shouldn’t cause concern; you can have a team of seasoned experts handle everything for you.

Contact the team at Sprout Media Lab at (800) 617-6975 to learn how all the elements of a successful online marketing campaign can combine into an affordable and highly effective package. Stay focused on keeping your customers happy while the digital marketing pros at Sprout Media Lab, launch and maintain your online success strategy!