There is no doubt about it – your company’s website must have an exceptional landing page that draws in potential customers and expresses the true nature of your business. If your landing page doesn’t stack up, visitors to your site may choose to go with a competitor. Creating a phenomenal webpage can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the right elements. Here are 11 must-have landing page elements to remember when designing your website.

1. Get to the Point

You may be tempted to tell your life story, but a good landing page gets directly to the point. Be efficient with your storytelling and avoid including too many offers. Focus on a single thing that shows your product or service is the best option and makes sure readers walk away with this impression. Use relevant visuals to drive home your point.

2. Clear Value Proposition

Does your landing page have a clear value proposition? If visitors to your site don’t immediately comprehend what you are saying, they will be lost. Avoid complex headlines and always be sure your visitors have a concrete reason to continue reading about your product or service.

3. Minimalist Design and Direct Messaging

A minimalist design and direct message are essential elements of an effective landing page. Your page must have a simple form at the top followed by a concise message. Landing pages with these features will have higher conversion rates and tempt visitors to learn more about your business.

4. Quick Loading Time

Visitors to your site don’t want to wait. For this reason, your page should load quickly. Limit the size of your images and be sure to compress those that are too large.

5. Matching Messages

When designing a landing page, you must be sure your copy’s message matches its source. Visitors to your site will want instant confirmation they have arrived at the right page or they will simply leave.

6. Compelling Call-to-Action

Always include a strong and compelling call-to-action that entices visitors to your landing page to continue their journey. Try using limited-time offers to stimulate sales and encourage impulse buying.

7. Problem-Solving Differentiators

A unique problem-solving differentiator can be highly effective. In other words, make sure your landing page proves the product or service you offer is the solution to a problem. Be sure your product or service adds more value than your competitor’s.

8. Authentic Appeal

Why should a visitor to your landing page choose to do business with your company? Don’t make visitors have to search for the answer to this question. Include the answer in your landing page’s copy.

9. Standout Brand Story

Telling page visitors your story can be beneficial. Your brand is your story, so be sure your story stands out and separates you from your competitors. Use effective visuals and messaging to do this.

10. Real-Life Testimonials and Mobile Optimization

Include at least three real-life testimonials about your product or service to increase your conversion rate. Your website should also be optimized for mobile devices since most visitors will be using a tablet or phone to visit your site. Testimonials will also help you gain the trust of potential customers.

11. Tests and Quizzes

Including tests and quizzes on your landing page can bring in customers. Some landing pages feature simple “Do You Qualify?” type quizzes, which can often be used in the place of standard contact forms. Just be sure your quizzes or tests are captivating and prompt the visitor to learn more about your product or service.

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