It is important to give a good deal of attention to establishing the right company brand. A brand will uniquely identify your business. It is one of the few ways your business can stand out & separate itself from its competitors. It is important that your branding is consistent from the store front to the business card to the website. So how can you tell when you have the right branding? Here are some questions to ask when evaluating your company branding.

1. Do you have a logo?

This is one component of your company that is the most easily remembered & associated with your company. It should represent your products or services, and present a positive image of your company to your consumers.

2. Can you clearly define your company mission & audience?

In less than a minute you should be able to tell exactly what your company does, and the demographic of consumers you are targeting. If you cannot do this, your branding is too vague.

3. What makes your company different? Is it in your branding?

It is important to know what makes you different from the competition. It is important to make sure that competitive advantage is used strategically in your branding.

4. Do you connect with your consumers?

It is important to develop your own voice. This establishes a human element that directly relates to your target audience. This could be done through humor, generosity, attention to detail, etc.

5. Are you marketing properly?

Your branding cannot work without proper marketing. There are no sales if nobody knows who you are. Proper branding can be expressed through marketing with the use of proper website design, targeted content & sharing, digital advertising & a unique logo.

6. Is your branding consistent?

Branding is the representation of your business. Each action your business takes, from face to face interaction to a message on social media needs to reflect the core values of your brand. If you are inconsistent, you can expect confused customers & potentially fail to retain a client base.

7. Did you test your branding?

It is important to test your branding. This can determine what consumers see as the core values of the company & how the perceive the product or service you are selling. If it doesn’t align with your branding ideas & goals, then you have to make some changes in order to achieve those goals.

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