Not too long ago, Google came out with a new ranking factor called RankBrain to analyze information in a way that produces better results for their users. This new algorithm ranking factor has many people asking what they need to be doing in an effort to rank better now that Google is using RankBrain to help determine page rankings. This blog is going to focus on the basics of RankBrain to answer all your questions.

How Does RankBrain Help Refine Search Queries?

Google has already been using several methods to refine search queries, but all of those methods were dependent on human efforts. However, Google receives and processes over three billion searches each day and can only do so much to provide its users with relevant results. With RankBrain, which is designed to provide better search results, Google can take complex, long-tail keywords to interpret and translate them more effectively. Why? Because RankBrain can see patterns between what would seem like an unrelated complex search and realize they are actually similar to one another. Additionally, this program knows how to associate different types and groups of searches to provide the results it thinks would be the most relevant to the user’s search query.

Can You Optimize for RankBrain?

No, you can’t optimize for RankBrain and there isn’t any type of RankBrain score. Google just calls it a ranking signal even though it doesn’t act like a ranking signal at all. Technically, all queries are based on artificial intelligence interpretation, which Google calls their top third ranking factor in their search. Therefore, you have to make sure your content and backlinks are more relevant than ever, if you want to be rewarded with better Google page rankings.

How To Make Sure Your Website Flourishes In the New Age of RankBrain

With RankBrain now solidly in place, there are some things you can do to help increase your rankings and have your site recognized. While there is nothing you can do to manipulate RankBrain, there are some recommended industry best practices that could help your rankings.

  • Make sure your website is laser focused on your topics.
  • Site speed, the microdata and even your SSL are even more important than they ever were.
  • Your content needs to be more thorough and answer more questions.
  • Anticipate questions that haven’t been asked yet so you are the first one with an answer.
  • Publish as much quality content as possible so you will be seen as an authority.
  • Make sure your content is evergreen.

Does Backlinking Still Matter?

Yes, backlinks still matters and is perhaps more important than ever. That means you need to be developing high quality content that is published on as many related authority websites throughout the internet as possible. Your high quality content should be posted to all your social media pages,, Pinterest, etc. You should link out to authority sites such as Wikipedia pages and other authority websites to bolster the authority of your content. You need to make sure each piece of content is unique as well.

Does RankBrain Affect Mobile Marketing?

RankBrain affects just about anything on the internet that responds to a user’s search query. That includes your SMS texts and MMS messages or anything else that links back to your website. You have to remember that consumers spend a significant amount of time, about 15 hours or more per week, researching on their smartphones. If your website isn’t ranking highly, your losing a huge percentage of the mobile market as well.

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